Saturday, June 14, 2008

Howdy from East Texas!

I am writing tonight from the metropolis known as my hometown. We came in for the weekend to visit my mom who is in the hospital following a scheduled surgery. (she is fine!) These brief visits are still really hard on Colin, but he did a pretty good job last night. We are heading home tomorrow and that is probably a good thing considering how much chicken fried steak was ingested. ;-) I can literally feel myself getting fatter! It was great to hang out with my sisters, although I hate that my mom is stuck in that dang hospital. UGH! With Colin needing two naps a day and an early bedtime, it did not leave much quality time with her!! Besides that we have had we went out to the blueberry farm and picked up our favorite pies that are only sold about 4 weeks out of the year. Afterwards we ate at The Shed and had a great time. It is not often that I get to hang out with both of my sisters at the same time these days, so that was wonderful!! We were our usual loud selves and had a blast. We were all piled in my moms room at one point with all three sisters and all of our men and Colin and Jackson...I am surprised we were not thrown out! :-) I will post some of the fun pictures we took once we make it home tomorrow.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sometimes the changes in my baby are so subtle that nobody but me would notice them. Nothing but tiny details that flicker past me during the day...the way he looks at someone or the way he notices what I point out to him. He is growing into a child and I am so happy and so scared and so excited all at the same time. I don't have a newborn baby anymore and that fact is hitting me suddenly, like a giant light bulb slowly coming to life over my head...making that crackling noise that a classroom fluorescent makes when you first turn it on. Colin watched a little boy at the pool today so intently, his eyes darting with every splash and jump, his body tense with the need to jump with him. I could see it in his face and feel it in his muscles...this desire to be bigger, stronger, more independent from me. I watch all the children at the pool and in my head I am putting them all into categories in perspective to my son. It is like a running ticker sliding constantly across my mind:
That boy is Colin next summer...that one is the summer after next...that baby is
Colin last winter...that one is Colin in 5 years...10 old are the
ones on the slide...will Colin be that rough, probably not, I was a sensitive
child...then again, he 16....he seems so old...are those girls old
enough to have so little on...God, did I just think that??
While this little thought parade marches through my head, sweet Colin stands on the side of the beach area where he can pound his little palms on the "Do Not Dive" sign. The simple act of watching the water splash over the words makes him so happy. He looks back at me every now and then and laughs and I laugh with him. I hover beside him and he turns around and takes drunken baby steps into my arms and then pushes away again, back to inspecting the tiny bits of gravel around the diving sign. We sit like this for what seems like a long time, just me and my baby boy. I have another month to call him my newborn. I am certain that he will forever be my baby boy.

(just as a heads Colin's birthday approaches, I will get even more mushy :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Love

I am so in love with this boy...there are no words. He is the sweetest, happiest, most adorable little man in the entire world. I am so blessed.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Colin's New Move

This baby man child is moving too fast for his dear old Mama, let me tell you!! Colin crawled into the kitchen as I was putting away the clean dishes and proceeded to try to climb into said dishwasher. I just had to take a picture since it seems like 5 minutes ago that this baby would simply lay in a sweet little 8 lb heap and stare at me. :-) Look at that big boy!!
In other news, he **sort of** took his first stand alone steps today! We were sitting on the play mat in the living room and he was doing his usual move of standing at the couches trying to grab Enzo. I was not holding onto him, just sitting close by. He turned around and smiled at me and decided to head my direction!!!! He managed two steps before falling into my arms!! It was so cute and brave of him...he just decided to walk to Mama! This little guy is going to be walking before you know it!! We got the Pack-n-Play out yesterday and set it up in the living room. Now that he is completely mobile and into everything, I have to use it to keep him contained while I go to the bathroom or any task that requires I leave his sight. I thought he would hate it, but he seems to think it is fun! He looks like he is in a little fort! :-) I was able to take a shower today while he was in it and did not have a problem at all. So far so good!
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