Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Black Hole

I would love to download the pictures off my camera. We went to Boomerangs today and Colin had the best time ever. I got a ton of cute pictures and video. Tons. I would really enjoy showing you, but the USB cable for the camera is lost. Why, you ask? Because Colin got his hands on it for about 2 seconds earlier this morning. I have torn the house apart. This means it is in the same place as the magnets for the child locks, 300 pacifiers, and 3,948 other items that I can't find. THE BLACK TODDLER HOLE. Do you think he has a floor board pulled up somewhere with a beating heart inside? (Poe reference just for my mom!) ;-)


Anonymous said...

That is too funny...we must have a black hole over here too. And I am sure there are about 83 straws from Gabby's take n' toss cups in there, because we have a million cups lids and like 2 straws.

Yes- playdate soon! Will you be in Austin next weekend or are you in town? If you are going to be here, let me know!

Melibelle said...

ahhhhhhhh that was a freaky story back in the day! Made me literally laugh out loud at work!

Anonymous said...

Nice literary reference! I remember that one!

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