Sunday, September 6, 2009

Still Waiting on a Baby.....

This has been a great week all the way around with one small sister is keeping my niece hostage inside her womb and refuses to deliver her. At least, that is how I see it. :-) To keep myself occupied instead of "watching the kettle" all week, Colin and I did a lot of last minute running around and having fun. My other (local) sister, Alieson, ended up with days off in the middle of the week, so we got to have a lot of fun with her. Colin could not have been happier about it! We took her to Paradise Pond on Thursday and then had lunch and ice cream afterwards. Maybe you can tell what their favorite part of the day was:

She is so silly and children LOVE her. SERIOUSLY. On Saturday, the three of us went back out for a shopping trip and then took Colin to a bounce house place afterwards. Alieson ended up with a posse of children following her around. It was adorable, and also a bit sad. While my amazing sister was playing with these precious kiddos, their parents were talking on cell phones and reading books in a corner. They never even got up to check on the random adult that their kids had attached themselves to. If I glanced up and saw Colin playing with a random adult that I did not know, I would at least introduce myself! Good lord! She was so sweet and ran all around with them, helping them up and down big slides and letting them lead her all around to "do this one more time!!". She has such a caring and gentle soul and was just pleased as punch to play with all the kids. I was reminded how proud I am to call her my sister. I was also reminded that I am going to make every effort to continue what I already do...get on my hands and knees and play with my child. I know (god, do I know!) how much we could use a few minutes with a book and that catching those minutes while your kids play on their own can give you a break. BUT, I also promise to Colin to be the mom that is bouncing around like a big teenager in the Superman Bounce House, sweating buckets and looking like a dork. Because for as long as it makes him happy, I am that mama! (and Aunt Alie, too....she was serious about those slides!) :-)

Today, Jer and I took Colin to Dallas World Aquarium for a treat. REALLY. BAD. IDEA. We knew it would be a busy weekend, but it was far more chaotic than I could have imagined. We waited in a line that curved all the way around the building just to get in! Once inside, the same crowds were trying to walk through the rain forest and we got utterly stuck. I even started to feel a bit of panic settling in...we were crushed in with hundreds and hundreds of other folks in these small walkways. Colin was quickly not having it, so we ended up slinking past everyone (and all the exhibits!) to get out of the crowd and get some air. After that, things got better and Colin was able to see the penguins, which was the whole reason he got excited to go. SO CUTE!! I really wanted to take this one home, but Jer said no. I can't imagine why having a penguin would be a bad idea... ;-)
It was hard to get many pictures in the throngs of people, but Jer managed this little shot. We were checking out that penguin in all his adorableness. :-)

Colin was devising a plan to get him home with us. It did not go so well. ;-)

As far as the coming week, I have no idea what the plan will be. Jer is on vacation and we are ready to head out when we get the call from Mert. I am so excited to see my niece that I just can't stand it!! I sure hope it is in the next few days! That being said, as each day comes with no signs of labor, we will try to do some impromptu fun stuff around here. It is wonderful having Jer home with us, so we should keep happy and busy...and waiting on that kettle!
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