Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Colds and Other Updates

We have had a giant cold virus running rampant in our house for the last week or so and I am ready for it to be over! Jer got it first, then Colin got sick, and now I am a sneezing, sniffling mess. I actually think I have it worse than the two boys did, which is usually not the case! We missed three parties last weekend because of illness and a few play dates to boot...ugh! The good news is that we all three managed to get sick BEFORE Christmas instead of during, so I am looking forward to next week with my healthy family. We will be heading to a Christmas party on Saturday night at the home of our good friends, so I am thrilled with the prospect of finally feeling better and doing something fun! YEA! Sunday morning we are supposed to be going to ride The Polar Express, but in my genius move of the season, I did not try to buy tickets until guessed it, they are sold out. They apparently sell a limited number of tickets on the day of as a first come first serve thing, so we may still make it. I really hope so because I have REALLY been looking forward to it!!

Next week is shaping up to be fun and very busy! We are having Jer's parents over on Tuesday night for an early Christmas celebration. They will be presenting Colin with his present from them and I am so looking forward to it!! They got him a train table and train set, which is exactly what he has been wanting. I think he will probably die from joy. :-) On Wednesday we head over to my parents house for Christmas and I am literally giddy with excitement over it. We are almost completely done with presents; I am missing a couple of Thomas trains, which I plan to get this weekend. I cannot wait for Christmas Eve...Colin will get to leave milk and cookies and Jer and I will get to stay up by the light of my parents giant cozy fireplace and get ready for Santa. ;-) This season has been so full of joy that I am loathe to see it go, but I am chomping at the bit to see Colin's face when he sees Santa's spread!

Colin has been his usual merry self and as usual continues to change before my eyes. He loves to sing and dance more than anything and has been putting on performances several times a day. The other day, we were watching "So You Think You Can Dance" on the DVR and he took notice of a particular dance that featured a technically beautiful dancer who was doing stunning pirouettes. Colin started doing them, too!!! It was so adorable and I must say, this kid has talent. :-) He danced right along with them and when the dance was over, he clapped for them and yelled his familiar "again! again!". He turns everything in the house into a microphone and sings constantly. He speaks in full sentences that sometimes shock "Mommy, come sit on the couch with me, please" and "Mommy, we need to go see Daddy at work". It always amazes me when he talks in such perfect sentences, not to mention that he comes up with thoughts that I did not realize he had! I took him to get his hair cut today and while in the chair, he said "Excuse me, I need to get down now". I was rolling with laughter!! He was very polite about the fact that he was done with that woman cutting his hair! HAHA! Just before his nap, we were watching "Little Bear" in my bed and the cat jumped up in front of the TV. Colin said "Excuse me, kitty...I can't see the TV!". Oh my heavens, this child is too much. :-)
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