Sunday, August 28, 2011

He Says, She Says

Conversations with Colin

Colin: Mom, does your body use magic to turn food into pee and poop?
Me: Uh, no...your body breaks down food into energy and then turns whatever is left over into waste. It is a scientific process. *smiles happily because that sounded good*
Colin: What IS the process? How does it happen?
Me: Well, it's a pretty long process...I couldn't tell you exactly how it happens... *smile falters as Colin yet again stumps me*
Colin: You should go order me a book on that. I'm sure they have them online.

I'm on Amazon as we speak.


The Murrays said...

Hilarious! Also, Sid the Science Kid has an episode on "poop," but give Colin's nature - I'm not sure it would be scientific enough. Ha!!! What an awesome kid.

Chalna said...

April, I am TOTALLY going to see if I can buy a DVD with that episode! Thank you! Colin LOVES Sid, and that show does a surprisingly good job of answering his questions. WAY better than I do. ;-)

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