Friday, September 2, 2011

He Says, She Says

I must preface this by saying that this conversation started completely out of the blue as Colin was going to the bathroom.  My favorite part of our conversations is how they generally start out of thin air.  So he calls out to me from the bathroom:

Colin: Mom, when you do one thing before you do something else, why is that called "first"?
Me:  That is just the word for it.
Colin:  Who made up that word?
Me:  It's just a word in the English language.
Colin:  Who made up the English language?
Me:  (googles "history of the english language" and begins to rub temples)  Honey, that is a long and complicated answer.
Colin:  (thinks momentarily) Do I get to add words to English?
Me:  Probably so.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have never been so excited for a month to end.  August 2011 is FINALLY. OVER.  I have heard rumblings about it being the hottest month in Texas history.  It was absolutely miserable!  In celebration of September, I plan to go buy every fall themed Yankee candle ever made.  I am going to start putting out pumpkins.  I am going to pack up all of our worn out bathing suits and beach towels and put them out of my sight.  I am going to start assorted fall decorating crafts from Pinterest.  I may even put on a sweater and light the fire place.  It is only going to be 100 degrees tomorrow, so I should be prepared.  ;-)  Honestly, I am beside myself that September is here.  I have already promised myself that I will not complain one time about the weather this winter.  I will remain happy that no matter what, it is no longer summer!

Colin had his "meet the teacher" on Tuesday and it went pretty well, all things considered.  He was not happy about going, but he didn't complain about getting dressed or leaving the house.  He walked calmly into the school and just as we got to his new classroom, he stopped and wouldn't go inside.  This was really not a shock or big deal...there were 21 kids and ALL of their parents crammed into this tiny room and it was loud and crazy.  That is not Colin's scene for sure.  I tried several times to get him inside the room and he told me, "Mommy, my body is feeling too shy to go in.  I need to stay out here until I can stop feeling like this".  I am so proud of him for being able to verbalize those feelings to me and understand what is going on inside.  His teachers are Miss Vicki and Miss Mechelle and they seemed wonderful.  Miss Vicki actually teaches chapel, so Colin got to know her last year and already likes her a lot.  She clearly already knew all about him and she walked outside into the hallway to talk to him.  I loved that she didn't push him to come inside the classroom and respected that he needed to wait outside.  She has a very happy and effusive personality and obviously loves what she does.  She talked at length about what she wanted the kids to achieve this year and the "pre-K" class is going to be just like real school.  I am excited to see how Colin reacts to a more strict learning environment!  I am also excited to get to know Mechelle and Vicki and I was the first person on the sign-up sheet to be an official "Room Mom".  I think it is going to be an awesome year.  As long as I can get Colin into the classroom.  :-)  

I went to the doctor yesterday to get lab results and check my weight loss progress.  I am happy to report that I have lost 8 lbs in the last 3 weeks!  YEA!  That is a pretty good start considering that I went on vacation during that time.  I did get some surprising news about alcohol from him that I didn't realize...drinking alcohol actually turns off all fat burning.  Your body won't start burning fat again for up to 72 hours after a night of drinking.  That is NOT good, considering that I have a glass of red wine almost every night.  He told me to avoid it completely while I am really trying to lose.  I didn't realize it was so detrimental to my diet and I hope that cutting it out helps me lose faster.  What a pain!  I guess those french martinis during girls night on Monday were not a good idea.  ;-)

I have more to report, but it is getting late and the latest episode of "Most Eligible Dallas" is calling my name from the DVR.  I would probably be a better person without Bravo shows, but I wouldn't be nearly as happy.  ;-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

He Says, She Says

Conversations with Colin

Colin: Mom, does your body use magic to turn food into pee and poop?
Me: Uh, no...your body breaks down food into energy and then turns whatever is left over into waste. It is a scientific process. *smiles happily because that sounded good*
Colin: What IS the process? How does it happen?
Me: Well, it's a pretty long process...I couldn't tell you exactly how it happens... *smile falters as Colin yet again stumps me*
Colin: You should go order me a book on that. I'm sure they have them online.

I'm on Amazon as we speak.
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