Thursday, March 12, 2009


Things have been very quiet here this week! My mom was here Sunday through Wednesday and it was so great to have her! Their Spring Break was this week, so we got some great Mimi time. We ran errands and just hung out, which was such a treat. I purchased two outdoor chairs from Lowe's for the patio...Colin played in the yard non-stop this week. We had thrown away our old chairs, so I spent three solid days sitting on my butt on the cement. That had to stop! I am also going to look at a sandbox and some type of swing set to put in the backyard. We have never spent time out there, but Colin is all about it now. In fact, the cold front that came through yesterday has been a major problem! He stands at the back door hollering to go out. I have explained that it is cold and raining now, but he does not seem to care. :-) I would also love to extend our tiny little patio, but I need to do some pricing. We shall see!

Colin has started changing in warp speed...all kinds of new things are happening here. He has started saying "Of course", which is too cute for words. It comes out "AH KORST!". This is the cutest thing I have ever heard! He says "okay" and tells me "no" while shaking his head. When I tell him it is time to run an errand, he gets his shoes, sits down, hands them to me and says, "SHOOSE!!". Last night during his bath, I asked him if his toes were clean. He looks up at me and says, "TOS KEEN!!". I did not think it was possible for him to get cuter, but he has!! :-)

We went to a mommy playgroup meeting today at the Northeast Mall. Since it is cold and rainy, they scheduled a meetup at the kids play area in the mall and it was so much fun. I joined another group that is closer to us and the ladies were VERY nice. Colin had several kids there to play with and it felt great to have some adult conversation...even if we did only talk about the kids. ;-) I met four moms who live in my same neighborhood!! It was a great morning all the way around!
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