Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day and Tyler

First of all, the Valentine's party last Thursday was everything I hoped it would be. :-) I arrived a bit early and just happened to catch Colin's class walking around the hallways looking for the letters "R" and "S". Miss Gina was leading them and they were all walking together so nicely and calling out letters when they saw them. Colin was at the front of the line with McKenna, which was a common theme during the afternoon. I hung back and watched and he was being so polite and sweet. I long to be a fly on the wall to watch Colin interact in school, so it was fun to walk in on this little bit of his day. When the kids got back to the classroom, they all lined up against the wall and got their Valentine holders all ready to go. Each child got to hand out his own Valentines with Miss Gina and it was just the cutest process ever. I loved how Colin knew every single child by name when the teachers told him who to take each card to. Obviously he would know everyone, but seeing Colin have this life outside of what I do with him still overwhelms me. He sat by McKenna the entire time and this is the same girl who he came home talking about on the first day. He clearly adores her and the feeling is mutual. They were inseparable the entire time. Colin had to have at least some part of his body touching her and I was melting from the sweetness. They even sat by each other during the snack afterwards! McKenna had to have heart surgery (!) in October and missed a month of school. Colin talked non-stop about where she was, who was operating on her, how long it would take her to come back and everything in between. If you ask Colin who his best girl friend is, he will alternate between saying "McKenna" and "Mallory". I find this dynamic to also be so cute...Colin loves Mallory, but she does not appear to even know he exists. She is very cute, but Colin didn't go near her the entire time. I think McKenna is the girl next door and Mallory is the heartbreaker who is already intimidating him. I hope he figures out that the McKenna's of this world are the ones he needs to stick with! ;-)

McKenna is in the pink shirt next to Colin in the solid red. They seriously did not leave each others side!

The kiddos having their V-day snacks. McKenna is on the end by Colin (looking at the camera)

Colin saying his prayer...SO cute! That is his best friend Keaton beside him.
Colin and McKenna during the Valentine party
Taking a turn handing out Valentines with Miss Gina
That is Mallory handing Colin a Valentine. She is the heartbreaker. LOL!
Showing me his little delivery box!
I love this one...Colin is sneaking a peek at his friend Presley's stuff!

On Friday, we went to Tyler for "the birthdays". My sisters turned 30 on the 8th, my mom's big day was Saturday and my dad is today. Jer's is the 21st and my bro-in-law is the 28th, so February is a bit packed! We were supposed to go the weekend before, but the ice-pocalypse ruined that plan. We had dinner on Friday night at Bruno's (as usual) and then had the official birthday dinner at El Chico on Saturday. We all drank Mexican martinis and ate a ton of food. Colin was a bit off his game on this trip...he was really worn out. He actually crawled in my lap at El Chico and slept for the entire dinner. It was INSANE. This trip was a lot of fun because my niece Pryce seemed to really grow since I saw her at Christmas. Colin loves her SOOO much and is constantly hugging her and asking to "give her a pet" on her head. He has always been this way with her, but this trip she started giving it back! She walked up to Colin on several occasions and wrapped her chubby baby arms around him...he was over the moon about it and of course, I loved it more than words can say!
All in all, we had a great and VERY busy week. The weather is amazing at the moment and I am currently wearing shorts and a t-shirt and so is Colin. LOVE IT! I can't believe it is already time to go buy new t-shirts...his short sleeves and shorts from last summer are way too small. I will leave this post with two shots of Colin and his cousin Pryce from over the weekend! SO CUTE!
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