Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Most Wonderful Sunday!

Today was a very VERY special day! Let me back track for a second...when I was pregnant with Colin, I joined a message board for women expecting in July 2007. It was on that board that I met Kimberly for the first time, long before she moved to Texas, and April...long before I hung out with her precious family over chicken fried steak. ;-) I have talked about that board several times on the blog, so this is not news to anyone. The 3rd person that I really connected with was Keisha. Keisha is brilliant, beautiful, eloquent, crafty and cooler than me...all of which I gathered from simply knowing her online and reading her blog. Her son Matthew...oh, heavens. He is simply the cutest child you have ever seen and he is a genius. Really. If memory serves me correctly, he was reciting his favorite nursery rhymes when he was 9 months old. Seriously. :-) Anyway, their family had a work trip to my neck of the woods and we finally managed to meet today! In real life! In one place! It was awesome. Matthew and Colin are so much alike personality wise and they hit it off, just like I knew they would. We met them at Founder's Plaza at the airport to watch the planes land and then went to lunch at El Fenix. Colin spent the whole lunch telling "jokes" and Matthew was hysterical. He was basically slapping his forehead and telling Colin that he was ridiculous. ;-) THEN, Matthew starts telling his own joke...and it starts out, "So this man walks into a psychiatrist's office and he's got a duck on his head...". It was absolutely the funniest, most amazing moment in the world. I mean, this boy is 3! Jer even said, "Did he just say that?" Oh, it was SO CUTE! Colin was very impressed. I wish we could have spent longer together!! Now I just have to get April and Keisha to move to Dallas. ;-) Here are some of my pictures from today:

The four of us, together in one shot! I still can't believe it!

Just the girls! I should add for the record that I was eyeing Keisha's super cute haircut all day and wishing it was mine. Except for the small fact that mine would look nothing like that if it was on my head.

Okay, this shot is classic to me. Please note Matthew and Colin behind him with the exact same expression of concentration on their faces. SO cute! They thought those paved squares in the grass were the coolest things ever. And both of them almost ran into traffic while jumping them. Boys!

This is when the boys were served surprise sopapillas after lunch. I think the waiter thought they were precious...the grown-ups sure didn't get any! :-) Matthew was a big fan of the sugar and Colin loved the honey.

The boys running at Founder's Plaza.
All in all, this has been a superb day. The only drawback to this weekend is Colin's mess of a cold. He has had one for over a month now (what the heck?!) and I finally took him to the doctor on Thursday because his cough just won't go away. The pedi gave him oral antibiotics, but it tastes horrible. Colin has sensory issues and something that tastes foul does not work for us...and I mean DOES NOT WORK. He needs the medicine twice a day and Jer and I have to double team him, hold him down on the floor together and pour it down his throat kicking and screaming bloody murder. Then he closes his throat and shoots it all back out of his mouth, even when I hold it shut like a lunatic. Needless to say, this is not working and he has not gotten any of the meds inside him. I am going to take him back and beg for a shot instead...poor kiddo. I can't wait for him to be able to take pills! Yikes! It should also be noted that we had the meds flavored and when that didn't work I have tried mixing them into all kinds of delicious things...nothing works. Colin can sniff that stuff out of anything! ;-)
So back to my wonderful day, it ended on an even better note! Colin woke up at 5am this morning (damn daylight savings) and so he was ready to drop at about 6pm after our busy day. He crawled up in my lap while I was at the computer and put his head on my shoulder. On a whim, I asked him if he remembered when I used to rock him every night. He asked me if we could still do it and of course I said YES! I moved all the stuffed animals out of his old glider and we started rocking. It was absolutely wonderful! He laid in my arms just like he used to...although we were a tight squeeze and his legs hung down way farther than they used to. :-) I started talking to him about our day and he promptly fell right asleep, just like he used to do every night. I spent an extra few minutes memorizing the way he felt in my arms before I carried him to his bed. Those are the moments that I will miss the most one day!! What a precious boy!!
Now if only he could sleep later tomorrow...
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