Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I love Colin. I really really really love him. I love him in a way that transcends words. This is a rather obvious point, but one I feel like making regardless.

He is the sweetest little boy that I have ever known. Last night, he made Jer and I sit on the kitchen floor and play cars for the longest time. He would crouch down with a car in each hand and announce, "On your mark, get set, GOOOO!" and then shoot both cars across the kitchen to us. He peppered the conversation with things like, "Ooo, cars FAST!" and "This one REALLY fast!" and "Mommy and Daddy race cars!". Every now and then, it hits me like a ton of bricks that I no longer have an infant, but a car racing little boy. I don't know how long it takes for that feeling of shock to wear off, because I still get it all the time. He now races to the door when Jer gets home from work and says "Daddy! I so glad to see you!". When we read books, he will point out a character eating and say, "Colin can't eat that. Just a picture". He is incredibly polite, especially for a two year old. He says "excuse me" when the cat jumps in front of the television or when he needs to pass by someone at the park. He does not have to be told to say thank you, he does it on his own most of the time. If he asks for juice and I hand it to him, he says "tank you, Mommy!" in the most cheerful little voice. Before I became a mother, I never thought about what kind of personality my child would have. Now it is a source of never ending wonder for me...watching him and learning all the little things that make him Colin. He is sweet, sensitive, silly, and rambunctious.

He shocked me this morning at the park...we were walking down a path and Colin started to run into a very wooded area that lord knows what was growing in. I said, "Colin, no! We can't go in there! There might be scary stuff that we can't see!". I don't know why I used the word "scary", it just flew out. Colin immediately came back to my side and started to visibly shake, so much that it frankly startled me! I got down on his level and asked if he was okay, thinking something was really wrong. He said, "scary, Mommy!! help! I scared!". I felt so badly and tried to explain that I had used the wrong word and that the woods were not scary, just not for play. It did not exactly work and I was reminded how much he retains that I don't even realize. He knew what the word scary meant and I will remember not to use it lightly from now on! He constantly asks me what, why, and where things are. During the same park trip this morning, he saw a little boy playing with his cars which were identical to some that Colin has. He informed me that "Colin can't have cars. Those cars not Colin's". I was so impressed that he pointed that out all by himself and did not get upset. He just left the other little boy at play and went off to something else. He is a very cuddly boy who does not really like to play by himself. He always says, "Mommy, come sit!" and makes me do whatever he is doing. This does not lead to getting very much done during my days with him, but it does not bother me in the least. He still wants "Mommy hold you" (in other words, pick him up) and does not care that he is far too heavy to be carried. He likes for me to sit Indian style on the floor so that he can sit in my lap while he plays or watches TV.

I love this age. I do have moments where I miss eating out and wish he was more of an independent player. It can't be understated how much work a two year old is, but I adore him at this stage regardless. I don't ever want to forget what an adorable little baby bear he is right now! I am so lucky to be his mother.

These pictures are from today...this one sums up life with a 27 month old...running. :-)

I think the jeans make him look so much older!

First thing this morning...I went to make him breakfast and came back to find him in this position in the office. There is nothing better than Colin in pj's with fuzzy bed head. Cool Cat Hot Dog is one of his all time favorite books.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween was on Saturday and I cannot believe that it is already over and November is upon us! We had an interesting holiday this year with some highs and lows...it all started a couple of weeks ago when I tried to put Colin's Spiderman costume on and he refused to go for it. He asked specifically to be Spiderman but for whatever reason, he seemed almost frightened to wear it. I bought his black skeleton t-shirt on a whim at Gymboree a couple of weeks ago on sale, so he wore that to the first Halloween party of the season. I hoped that with time his real costume would grow on him, but that was NOT the case. As we prepared for the big night on Saturday, I tried in earnest to put it on, but he had a screaming fit over it complete with back arching and hysterics. I even brought the costume along to the trick-or-treat party, but he flipped out again at the sight of it and I finally threw in the towel. Colin was a skeleton (sort of) with a spiderman bag for Halloween. I am very thankful that I purchased the t-shirt and really thankful that I bought the $23 costume instead of the expensive astronaut costume that I really wanted. I think I would have taken it a lot worse if I had spent a fortune. ;-) Halloween was also a little sad for us because Jer had to work on the big night and was forced to miss trick-or-treating. Luckily Colin is still too young to really know that Daddy missed something important and everything was fine, but I missed him a LOT. I don't like to spend holidays of any kind without Jeremy and it certainly dampened my spirits.

We were invited to a fabulous party at Dana and David's house and it was an absolute BLAST! There were around 6 two year olds and a couple of cute babies in the mix and we had a little feast before taking all the kids around their neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Dana throws a great party...her decorations were ADORABLE and there was a ton of yummy stuff to eat. Colin was also very pleased to take apart Gabby's playroom and go crazy with all her toys! He was not his normal self for a good portion of the party simply because he gets pretty easily overwhelmed in a new environment with all new people. He was at a new house surrounded by all new people and things, so he was pretty quiet at first and kept to himself (and Gabby's toys). He barely touched a bite of food and I will admit that when trick-or-treating first got underway, I was starting to sweat. He did not really understand what we were doing and did not want to follow the kids up to strange houses. He started to shut down, which is very hard to get him to recover from. He started running away from everyone and me...inching away from me so that I would not be able to grab him and sitting down asking to go home. He quietly informed me in my ear that he "don't want trick treat" and I was pulling out the keys and getting ready to jump ship. Then Dana's incredibly sweet mom (she is honestly the nicest and most comforting person that I have met in a long time) back tracked from the crowd and started to help me. Between the two of us, we managed to get Colin up to a front door where the candy was sitting out on the porch. It finally registered to him what was going on...if you walk up to a house and say trick-or-treat, they will give you candy!! His transformation after that was amazing!! He was quickly running with the kids to each house and even got ahead at one point! There were a couple of scary houses and spooky adults in costume, but he was undeterred. He was not stopping until everyone under the sun gave him candy. I was laughing to myself at the end...all the kids made one block and went back into Dana's house for cake. Colin, however, would have kept going all night long. I ushered him back into the house, but I am pretty sure that he would have kept going until he passed out! I am very glad that nobody seemed to mind that he was not exactly in costume. :-) The whole party was wonderful and I am so glad we were invited. He has been talking about Gabby's house and candy ever since we got home, so I know the night ended up being a hit for the little man. Here are some of the pictures:

Gabby and Colin sitting at the table...they were alternating between eating candy and Oreo cake. It does not get much better than that!

Two cuties!!

How cute is this?!?! A bunch of trick-or-treating toddlers!! Please note Colin's anti-costume.

This is at the beginning of trick-or-treating. You can tell from Colin's expression that this is before he figured out what was going on. :-)

Colin and Gabby during the "picnic" dinner. They are so precious together!!

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