Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was our very first Valentine's Day with Colin, and it was a wonderful day! We woke up this morning and exchanged cards...I had gotten one for Jeremy and one for Daddy from Colin. Jer had gotten one for me and one for Colin from him! It was the sweetest thing ever!! Colin and I made our scheduled trip to Target and Kohl's (they had a good sale and I was able to stock up on a few more 12 month sized clothes. Colin is almost out of his 9 month stuff!). Then I managed to make sesame pork roast with homeade mashed potatoes for dinner. For dessert I made Jer a special treat from his hometown of Bethlehem, PA...Moravian Sugar Cake! This was the first time I can remember making my own dough from scratch (it had to rise for 2 hours and everything!). Luckily it turned out exactly how he remembered! YEA!

For dinner, my man had prunes because he has been a little stopped up lately...and he decided to wear most of them on his face. ;-) Have you ever seen a more adorable Valentine?!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Boring Day!

There is not too much to was pretty boring. Tomorrow, Colin and I are making a trip to Target to get a blow-up rubber duckie bathtub for him. We have a friend who used one with her son at this age and he loved it. Right now, I get in the bathtub with Colin for baths in the big tub. He has been way too big for the infant bath for a long time now, so I just get in with him. He can sit on his own now, but he is still too wobbly for me to sit outside the tub while he is in. The duckie bath will hopefully help when Jeremy is not around...when I am in the tub with Colin, Jer takes him from me so that I don't risk dropping the slippery little guy while we are both wet trying to get out. Colin is big enough now that I don't feel comfortable doing that when Jer is not around to help. I would never forgive myself if I slipped!!! So hopefully the duck bath will help! For 10 bucks, it is worth a try! ;-)

Also on the agenda...purchase workout dvd's to use while Colin is napping. I am quickly realizing that there is not a chance in hell that I am going to get any real quality cardio while taking care of Colin, so I need to do something to supplement. We can't afford a piece of equipment, nor do we have room for it, so dvd's it is.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mama!

It will quickly become evident to readers that February is the month o' birthdays in my family. Next in the line up is my wonderful and amazing mother. Today is her big day and because I love her, I will not share her age! ;-) Anyway, I truly do not know what I would do without my mom. She is the best mother that anyone could ever ask for...and now that I am a mom, I see with clearer eyes just how wonderful she is. She has taken care of us through every single hardship that we have ever been through and she has never waivered. Even when we don't deserve her help, she gives it willingly. I have absolutely no doubt that regardless of what I could ever need, my mom would provide it. Even now. I have lots of close friends who have parents that basically cut the ties when their kids turned 18, or even graduated from college. Not my mom....she constantly drops everything she is doing to come to our aid whenever we need her. This simply cannot be overstated as she has a very taxing job that drains her, yet she always is there for us. Every holiday is the best one ever, thanks to her. Everything that she cooks is the best thing I have ever tasted. Every time I am sick or sad, she makes it better. I don't know how else to praise my mother other than to say that I know that there is absolutely no way that I can be as good to Colin as she is to us, but I am going to try as hard as I can. I have a lot to live up to!

Happy Birthday to the very best Mama in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


The news today is not sister Alieson broke her foot in two places. She spent 24 hours in the emergency room to find out that she needs surgery on Friday to put her foot back together again. We had to drive to get her at the hospital this evening and just walked in the door. Colin was two hours past his bedtime and as you can imagine, the little guy was upset! I finally got him to pass out and he should sleep rather soundly now! Let's hope, anyway! :-)

Please send prayers and positive thoughts to my sister!! She needs it!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Stockyards!

We took Colin to The Stockyards for the first time this weekend! The weather was fantastic, so we headed down to have burgers and walk around. We timed it just right to see the cattle hearded through the streets and I held Colin up so that he could see everything. I think he had a really good time!

Other than that, our weekend was pretty uneventful. As usual, I am completely sleep deprived, but Colin is doing great. His new thing is to wake up every couple of hours screaming. I run in, whisper to him and give him his pacifier, and he goes back to sleep. He only eats once a night now, and that feeding is getting later and later. That part is really great news. I can only hope that he will stop the other night waking or limit it at some point. Every now and then he has a couple of stellar nights (as I posted about earlier in the week), but then something happens and it changes. I am just going with the flow at this point. We shall see. This week is going to be crazy busy, so I hope those good nights come again soon! :)
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