Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Best Six Years

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary. How on earth it has been six years is beyond me. It seems like just yesterday that we were running around Las Vegas in our wedding finery. We have had a quiet and uneventful sister is going to babysit for us tomorrow so that we can have our official date. Today we woke up and treated ourselves to take-out Mexican breakfast (our favorite!) and then went to order Colin's birthday cake for next weekend. We stopped for ice cream cones and lunch (in that order) and managed to make it home in time for Colin's nap. This evening we took Colin to McDonald's for dinner and playtime. Quite a night on the town, eh? This is our kind of day, though, and it was wonderful to have Jer off work and all of us hanging out together as a family. There is nothing more that I need in the world. This is my random ode to us at six years:

Jeremy is my very best friend in the whole world and the most wonderful husband ever. I literally cannot picture my life without him. We have long since entered the stage of our lives where we complete each others sentences and know what the other is thinking across a room with just a glance. We have the same ridiculous sense of humor and make each other laugh all the time. We love to cozy up in our bed after Colin goes to sleep and watch our endlessly recorded hours of crime shows on the DVR. Every night, Jer makes himself a large glass of ice water and every night I drink half of it to take a pill and every night we laugh over it. He texts me every day when he gets in his car to tell me he is coming home and that always makes me smile, even after all these years. Yesterday, he told me my eyes looked pretty. He gets on to me for not taking my vitamins and being too tan. We make utterly inappropriate jokes to each other all the time. We lay in Colin's bed together every night to read stories. He changes the oil in our cars and fixes everything that is broken. He is great at assembly and even enjoys putting stuff together. We sleep with a silly dog in between us and usually a shaggy cat at our feet. We argue in bed over who gets "sticks", which are Enzo's long pointy legs, and who gets "smooth", which is his soft fuzzy back. I usually win and Jer gets poked by dog legs all night. :-) He looks handsome beyond words all the time and nobody looks better in a crisp white polo and tie than Jeremy. The bathroom always smells deliciously like his cologne after he leaves for work and I always take a deep breath of it when I pass through to get dressed. He is still my prince charming. I love him SO! Here are some favorite shots of us from six years ago:

Kissing in the limo after the wedding! We are officially newlyweds! I was bursting with joy when this picture was taken.

Jer and I during our engagement dinner outside Philly. Jer's parents took this shot...we look so young and happy in this picture. This will always be one of my favorite memories.
Sitting right seat with Jer prior to take-off. Trust me, the professionals took over and I watched movies in the back. I love nothing more than flying around with Jer and watching him at work. He is such an amazing pilot. We had just gotten engaged.

Really, how could you not post this one?! Me, in my bride shirt, ordering pancakes with a burger and onion rings. This was the late night after our arrival in Vegas. We had to get our licenses and it was like 2:00am to us because we were from the east coast. I remember that I was dying of starvation and this is what I ordered back at the hotel. Love it!

Lounging at the pool in Vegas, the day after the wedding. Happy!!

As we speak, Jer is putting new strings on his guitar with the hopes of learning some Laurie Berkner Band songs for Colin. I don't know how successful this endeavor is going to be because neither one of us can sing. Hopefully the little man will just enjoy hearing the songs, even if they are not properly sung. ;-) If you would like to see pictures from the wedding, I posted last year about the actual event and attached some great shots of wedding bliss. Take a peek if you feel like joining me on memory lane. Heck, I can't believe it has been a YEAR since I wrote that post! Crazy! Happy Anniversary, sweet husband!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Colin at 23 Months Old and Counting!

It seems to me that Colin is changing by leaps and bounds every single day. Things are happening so fast that I have started a little note pad of things he does so that I can remember them for long enough to write them on the blog. The difference between 18 months and 24 months is so huge! In January, I was nervous that Colin would be a mute. He was still such a baby then. That seems like a fuzzy distant memory now. The past three months in particular have been insanity with how much he has grown in every way! I am going to add a few bullets here for memory's sake.

*Colin talks up a storm now and a lot is understandable. He does not just say words, he has conversations with you and says sentences to me like, "Mom! Put Arf food up!" (Enzo is still "Arf") and "Mom! Dats good juice!". He starts out all sentences with a very emphatic "Mom!" which makes me smile every single time.

*He only calls me "Mom". I have never referred to myself that way, in fact I have always said Mama. Jer calls me Mom and Colin picked that up and has stuck with it. It makes him seem like such a big boy!

*He tells me to "get up" and "watch shows". I will lay in bed with him for a few minutes in the morning as he wakes up and when he is ready, he leans all the way into my face and says, "Mom, GET UP, peas!" At night if I try to put him to bed too early, he will run back to the couch, turn on the TV, and announce, "Mom! Dad! Watch shows!".

*Starting last weekend, he covers his face when any stranger says hello to him and announces, "No, no! I SHY!". This is crazy adorable and I am going to try to get it on film. When he meets new people, he always tucks his head and acts bashful and I would sometimes say that he is acting shy. He picked it up, obviously, and now makes a huge production out of it. I have pointed out to him that announcing you are shy means that you are not, in all actuality, shy.

*He now walks backwards around the house. Last night he grabbed my hand and said, "hey mom! backwards!" and made me do it with him. I have no idea where this one came from, but it is pretty adorable.

*He yells, "READY, SET GO!!" and takes off running. He starts running when he says set....which cracks me up. I also don't know where he picked this up...probably one of his shows.

*He finally said "Mert"!! My sister was thrilled beyond belief when he said it over the weekend. He now walks around the house pointing her out by name in pictures. It kind of takes the fun out of our ongoing family joke with Meredith. ;-)

There are more, but I will end this post for the time being. I leave you with a video from dinner tonight. I made corn on the cob and cut Colin's off for him. He was not pleased about that and grabbed my ear off the plate. I did not think for a second that he would eat it off the cob, but just watch and see. He just gets more adorable by the day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend in Pictures

There were so many wonderful moments from our weekend caught on my camera! Our whole family had the most wonderful time! The photo above was taken at my parents curb. My dad had flags lining the whole house. It looked beautiful and Colin loved it! Below is the mess of iced brownie at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's house. He started his holiday off with a bang!

My beautiful twin sisters at Jackson's birthday and 4th of July bash. Meredith (left) is 7 months pregnant. So technically this picture is of Alieson, Mert AND Pryce. :-)

The BEST NEPHEW OF ALL TIME, Jackson. He had a great time at his big party!

Colin being all-American with his hot dog!

Colin taking charge at my dad's office. I love this picture more than any I have taken in a long time. My dad has been in this particular office for...I don't know...25 years? I used to show up there several times a week after school to ask for $20. :-) It is like a second home to me and seeing Colin in that seat smiling like that is so precious. Look at that grin!

Colin answering Duke's phone. He has wonderful leadership skills.

Colin and Mama enjoy the pool.

Duke and Colin share some ice cream. This was pretty much the highlight of BOTH their afternoons. Colin adores his Duke...he has been saying, "MOM! DUKE'S HOUSE!!" ever since we got home.

Hanging out with the best husband and daddy in the whole world!

Colin fresh and ready to go on the 4th! Such a dapper little man!

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