Saturday, March 28, 2009 version

I just finished the movie "Twilight". For those of you who do not share my intense fascination with these books, you can probably just skip this post. You know who you are. ;-)

Anyway, I have a LOT of thoughts about the movie. I thought that Edward and Bella were well chosen actors, especially Edward. This was a shock to me because the pictures I had seen floating around of the actor did not lead me to think he would fit the Edward in my head. However, I thought he was great. The scene where he pulls up in his car to save Bella in Port Angeles is when he won me over. He was delish in my opinion! I did not love the choices of the rest of the Cullen kids, at least so far. I think they all needed to be far more beautiful, especially Rosalie. I also pictured Alice much tinier and more adorable. Not that actual real life humans can measure up to the beautiful vampires in my head, but I digress. ;-)

I am well aware that movies simply cannot live up to books....there is just not enough time to cover everything. I thought it was a good movie, but it felt very much like a Cliff's Notes version of Twilight. It seemed to fly by, simply glossing over touching and stunningly written scenes that had created such vivid images in my mind. The book was also written from the mind of Bella, and it really took something away to watch the movie when you could not read her thoughts as you did in the book. Don't get me wrong, I will certainly see the rest of the movies! It is just my opinion that they skipped over a LOT in this opening round. I think they should have spent far more time showing the evolution of Bella and Edward, even if it made the movie an hour longer. It amazed me how they ran through that ending with James. The movie did not create near the incredible situation that the book did. I was left wanting way way more.

I can also admit that it would have been utterly impossible to create a movie that lived up to the world that Stephenie Meyer created in my head. Which is why I think she is an amazing author to say the least!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am running a bit behind on posts this week...time seemed to slip away from me! On Thursday I took Colin to Master Made Feed in Grapevine to check out a very special story that we read in the Ft. Worth paper. Jer's mom pointed the story out to me over dinner last weekend and I had no choice but to check it out for myself! This feed store sells baby ducks and bunnies and they have a kitty named Tigger who lives in the feed store and takes care of the babies as if they were her own! She has been doing this for some time and apparently mourns each litter when they are sold, but soon gets more babies to take care of. Being a sucker for all things fuzzy and adorable, I knew we had to go see for ourselves. Sure enough, this was too much to handle! Tigger got up and headed out when we arrived...she climbed up on some shelves and then disappeared. The owner, who was incredibly sweet and seemed to enjoy Tigger's new found fame, told us that she is usually actively taking care of everyone in the morning hours, so we will go back soon! The little ducks and bunnies were the cutest things you have ever laid your eyes on...Colin LOVED them! He was not pleased that I would not let him in the bin with them. ;-) He was also a huge fan of the feed store in general. They had tons of stuff everywhere and Colin walked up and down the aisles inspecting all of it. What a great time!! We will be stopping by often to check on all the cuteness!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mommy Reporting

Well, I feel much better. Thankfully my sore throat only lasted 24 hours. I have a regular old cold now complete with stuffy nose and head and the annoying tickle cough. But I feel okay, so I am very thankful!! Colin also has a cold with a runny nose and sneezing, but he is better today.

I have been a very busy bee the last few weeks. I have taken Colin to virtually every single child play facility under the sun. He seems to be thriving with all the action and his afternoon naps have been blessedly long and his sleep at night has been awesome. Every morning after breakfast we venture out somewhere. This week it has been the indoor play area at Northeast Mall, two local parks, and yet another bounce house place this morning. I was very pleased because the place today had a GREAT Sesame Street bounce house with all sorts of goodies inside that Colin loved. There was also a mini slide that I was able to stand beside and hoist him up to with ease. He must have slid 100 times in the hour we were there. He was getting so excited to run back to me and do it again that he started falling down and screaming with laughter. It was adorable and we will definitely go back. This place was $8 for the visit, which is the same as the one we tried Sunday. Colin liked today much better, so we will go back there for sure. However, for pure Colin joy, nothing beats Paradise Pond. In fact, we are going back tomorrow morning! Yea for Thursdays! :-)

Now for the great news...Jer is coming home on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!! We Skype with him every night so that Colin can see him and he always kisses Jer's face on the computer screen to say, "night night". He is going to lose his mind with excitement when he can kiss the real thing! And me too, for that matter! ;-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sore Throats and Bounce Houses

Well, I feel like hell in a hand basket. UGH. Last night my throat was scratchy and then I woke up at 3:00am feeling horrible. My throat is on fire. FIRE. This cannot be stressed enough. I was just bragging to Jer a few days ago about how well I have been lately. There goes that! Colin then chose today of all days to end his long nap streak. Of course. :-) I am pretty sure that I caught this lovely bug at one of our kid outings last week. I have extremely bad luck with any illness incubating in a toddler. I get sick whenever I get around large groups of kids. I need some kind of vaccine to hang out with kids under 5 years old. I sincerely hope that I feel much better tomorrow.

I took Colin to another bounce house place today (I know, sucker for punishment right here) and he had a good time. This place only had bounce houses and no other forms of entertainment, so Colin got bored with it pretty quickly. I was hoping he would bounce off some energy while I sat quietly in a chair, but that is not exactly how things worked out. He kept coming over and pulling my shorts in an effort to make me play. After chasing him through a couple of giant bounce mazes, I felt worse and decided to call it a day. We came home and had a quiet dinner and he still seems to feel okay for the time being. I sure hope he does not get this, too!

We had dinner at Jer's parents house last night and we had a great time. Colin loves to play with the weenie dogs and most especially with his grandmother's beautiful piano. She always puts him in her lap to bang the keys, but for the first time yesterday he picked out single notes instead of just banging the whole time. I have, of course, decided that makes him a genius. :-) Jer's mother is a very gifted concert pianist, so maybe Colin inherited that gene. I suppose we shall see...I took piano lessons for two years before deciding to quit at the ripe old age of 12. Let's hope he has her initiative and not mine! :-) Here are a couple of pictures from the afternoon:

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