Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Updates!

Today was an interesting day...Colin woke up screaming just before 5:00am this morning and was up for the day. He has been grabbing the sides of his head above his jaw line and around his ears for two days...I think this time it is for sure molars. He walks around crying and banging his hands on the sides of his head! YIKES!! Thankfully he has been to the doctor twice in the last week, so I know his ears are fine. He has not broken any new teeth in the last couple of months and I think teething is back in full swing. Poor baby!

In good news, his diarrhea is finally starting to ease up!! Thank GOODNESS!! He is not back to normal quite yet, but it is much improved. I know that everyone will be happy to stop reading about poop for a while. ;-) We took Colin to lunch at a new mexican place that opened close by and it was fantastic! I am always so happy when yummy locally owned places show up in the suburbs. The main thing I miss about living in downtown Dallas is the food. Oh, the food. Jer and I are complete and utter foodies and nothing brings us more joy than finding a great place to eat! Colin ate my entire plate of rice and beans, a flour tortilla and my guacamole. That was the most he has eaten in over a week, so I was thrilled to see his appetite back in full force. We also managed to fit in a trip to Sam's today, but other than that...totally lazy day. We caught up on our DVR shows and both took a nap when Colin went down this afternoon. Getting up before 5:00 am this morning reminded me how thankful I am that Colin sleeps through the night now. I have been worn out all day!

Shannon posted recently about the classes for toddlers that she found through her city and I have started researching that this week. I have found a couple of options that Colin can attend now that I am looking into and several that will be great when Colin is 18 months old. I can't wait for those! I am trying to line up some fun stuff for us to do together this fall that won't be expensive. Colin is getting progressively more bored being stuck in our living room, so I hope to find some fun activities soon. Oh, and I am also getting geared up to take Colin to the pumpkin patch...I can't wait for that!! :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello Again!

I am really behind on the blog this week! The week seemed to quickly get away from me with Colin being under the weather. He is on a very slow road to recovery...the messy diapers are still with us, but he seems to be having about one less acid diaper a day. I took him out for a haircut today, which he was a rock star for yet again! He got to sit in the firetruck chair and ring the bell, which pleased him to no end. He is still not back to his old self yet...he lays his head on my shoulder a lot and needs plenty of extra attention. Hopefully we will have more exciting things to report as he gets to feeling better! I hope you are all having a wonderful week! :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

14 Months Old and Trying to Get Well!

Colin is officially 14 months old as of a couple of days ago...he was so sickly this weekend that I totally forgot to write about it! On Sunday we took him over to his Mom Mom and Pop Pop's house (Jer's parents) for lunch and some play time with their wiener doggies. He had a great time playing and was in good spirits, but crashed and burned when we got home. His stomach aches keep waking him out of his naps and his horrid poops are still going on!! We went back to the doctor today because the diarrhea is not improved at all, although the number of them has gone down from about 15 on Saturday to 6 today. The doctor checked him out and he is still not dehydrated (thank the lord he loves Pedialite!) and doing okay. We have to keep up with the bland diet and Pedialite for the time being. She said if the diarrhea does not go away by Wednesday, we will have to do some kind of cultures on his poop or something to that effect. I am praying he is better tomorrow!! I am starting to think that he might have picked this up at the petting zoo last week. He barely touched the little goat on his head, but I forgot to immediately wash his hands afterwards like an idiot. I just don't know where this mess came from, but I wish it would go away!!

In other news, Jer lowered Colin's crib to the last notch today. The crib has three levels and has been set to the middle one for some time. It was past time to lower it since he climbs with ease now and could easily have toppled out. I have been resisting simply because I hate to mess with anything related to sleep. I was nervous as hell about it today, but Colin went to sleep tonight with no problem. The crib seriously sits on the floor now!!! It is SO LOW! Gone are the days of my pretty crib all dressed up in it's it sits practically on the ground with no more bells and whistles. It look so strange to me, but I know I will get used to it. Jer pointed out that the next time we change the bed, it will not be a crib at all anymore, but a toddler bed! So of course I am now all emotional about it. :-) I can't believe how big my little man is.

Here is a picture I took of Colin after dinner tonight. It is not a good quality shot, but he is offically 14 months old, so I had to get a quick picture. He is such an angel baby!!

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