Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updates from a Busy Week!

Well, life is just moving right along in our little household. As of right now, Colin is at school and completing his second week. He is doing pretty darn good, all things considered. On Tuesday, we made it all the way to the classroom before he started screaming and crying, which was a big improvement. He still had to be pulled off me by the teachers and the same went for today. Today was a little worse, as he went back to refusing to walk into the building and burst into tears in the parking lot. This is so hard for me, as it would be for any mother. We are just not designed to ignore a child who is crying and begging you to comfort him. It is the worst feeling in the world! It should be noted, however, that in the time it took me to put his folder in the bin and sit his backpack and lunch box in their places, he was already over it. I was in the hall for 10 seconds before he stopped crying inside. (he can't see me in the hallway) That is good, if he could just give his mommy a break and stop shattering my heart at every drop-off! ;-)

Colin did finally manage to share some details about school, which was adorable. He sang us a new song over dinner on Tuesday night, which started with "R-E-D red, R-E-D red, I can spell red" and went on about spelling and what objects are red. I was blown away and so proud! This week they are learning about grandparents, the color red, the letter A and the number 1. The teachers wrote in his folder that he is happy and fun all day and that he is a joy. YEA! When he got home, he had woodchips from the playground in his pull-up. I asked him about that and he launched into this story, word for word: "I was throwing woodchips on the playground. Miss Kelli said don't do that, but I did it again. She said Colin, that was the wrong choice. I felt bad, so I sang the clean up song and cleaned the woodchips so that Miss Kelli would not be mad at me. She said that was a good choice and she is not mad at me, either!" Now, how stinking cute is that?!? I just wish I could be a fly on the wall for all of this! He also informed me that he loves "Alexandra and Makenna" and that they let him rescue them on his pretend firetruck and like to play hide-n-seek. Also, Alexandra has "hair like a princess" and "they are my best girls". Good heavens!! I was not expecting two girlfriends by day 3 of preschool! ;-) It brings me so much joy hearing these happy things about school and I love that he is clearly learning a lot from this experience already.

I can't leave out the details from last precious niece Pryce celebrated her 1st birthday! ALREADY! Colin and I went to Tyler for the weekend and had a wonderful time. The party was at Mert's house and it was just family. Meredith made THE. BEST. COOKIES. EVER. and I ate 94 of them. Diet be damned. Colin was overjoyed to be with his cousins and spent the whole time following Jackson around and hugging Pryce. On Saturday night, the whole family went to Bruno's (our favorite Italian place) and despite not having a nap and a huge day, Colin was great. This is because he got to sit next to Jackson and feed Pryce crackers. He was in heaven! We all went out for frozen yogurt afterwards and Uncle Cory alternated throwing Jackson and Colin in the air and over his shoulder until they were literally losing their minds with all the fun. It was a great time. After Colin went to bed, I stayed up WAY too late with my mom and sister Alieson watching fashion week on QVC. It was so much fun...we spent 2 hours talking about clothes. :-) Sunday was full of more food and fun and a Cowboys game that I will not even DISCUSS because I am scarred for life from it. On Monday, Colin and I headed for home, but not until we had lunch with my mom at The Potpourri House and stocked up on my favorite candles. It was the perfect trip home! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best niece in the whole world! :-) Here are a few of the pictures...

The birthday girl, Miss Pryce Lucille! How cute is she?! That bow stayed on for 30 seconds. ;-)

Colin and Duke...he loves my daddy!!

Colin giving Pryce her 200th hug of the day...he LOVES HER SO MUCH!
Posing with my sisters...I am going to post about the story behind this silly pose very soon!

Sweet cousins!

Jackson and Colin getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday" to Pryce.

Last, but not least...Colin spent some time at my mom's office. He LOVED it because she had treats for her students...including that jump rope! :-)
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