Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking Matters Into His Own Hands....

Colin and I were busy playing in the toy heap...er, living room...this morning when I smelled the tell tale signs of a stinky diaper. I chanted the same thing that I always do..."Somebody has a poopy! Let's go change your poopy!!". This time when I said it, Colin walked by himself over to the gate that heads toward his room. I was speechless thinking surely Colin was not doing this on his own...I opened it for him and watched in awe as he walked into his bedroom and stood below the changing table waiting for me to pick him up. When did this happen?!?! These are the moments that knock me over. These are the moments that remind me on a quiet Tuesday that Colin is growing up.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fat Mama No More (and some other stuff)

Today is a new day! (I hope!) Colin woke up all smiles this morning, so I am sure hoping that he is feeling like a new man. This past weekend was a great big blah and I am sure glad it is over. I am happy to report that my good friend Dana has her new blog up and running and I posted the link down in my favorites section. Check her out! She has the CUTEST little girl! Colin has so many women to choose from! :-) The pictures are of Colin after his bath last night...he looks so sweet when he is freshly scrubbed! His actual spots are super tiny now, with the exception of the big one on his leg. I shall take a picture of this and post it for Shannon and the gang...I am sure you are all curious what chicken pox looks like on a 12 month old. :-)

In other news, we have taken delivery of a brand new elliptical machine that is all put together (thanks to my handy husband) and sitting like a giraffe in my bedroom. The elliptical has always been my favorite machine at the gym and Jer and I have recently come to a very important conclusion together. We have strictly forbidden ourselves from adding credit card debt, but we made the exception to buy a very nice, gym quality piece of equipment. Jer fights a constant battle with very high cholesterol and triglycerides that is an inherited problem. His doctor demanded that Jer exercise and since I need him around FOREVER, I completely agree. On top of keeping Jer heart healthy, I have honestly done nothing but get fatter in the last few months. I have always had "boobs and hips" and I have never been a tiny little thing by any stretch. However, since having Colin, my entire body has changed and I just can't stop adding weight. I have known that things were spiraling out of control for some time, but I was just too tired to do anything about it. I just do not have time to go to the gym (ha! I can't even imagine that!) and Colin really does not want to go jogging with me in the sweltering heat of a Texas summer. (neither do I, for that matter). This elliptical is already saving my life. As soon as Colin goes down for his nap, I walk into my bedroom, change into some tennis shoes and a sports bra, and hit it. I don't have to dress for anyone since I am all alone and I am able to get 30 minutes in, as well as a stretch afterwards and a shower. Then Colin is awake and I feel A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER! Seriously, in the matter of days I already feel like a new woman. I am not sluggish, my mind feels clearer, and my body has that hum of activity in my muscles that I almost forgot feels amazing. I think we should have done this a LONG time ago. This is beyond losing weight...it is making me feel like me again. I stand on that machine with sweat dipping down the side of my face dreaming of the clothes hidden in the furthest reaches of the extra closets. I will wear them again! I can do this! Wrap dresses! Belts! Cream wool pants from Banana Republic! This is what I chant over and over again when it starts to hurt. :-) I am so happy. My ultimate goal is to drop at least 40 pounds so that I can get pregnant again sometime this winter (husband willing!) at a healthy weight. It has become evident to me that if I get pregnant again now, at my highest all time weight, the fight to regain my health afterwards would be mind blowing. I am going to win this battle first and then I am going to stay on that damn machine for as long as I can during my next pregnancy. God willing! :-)
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