Friday, April 24, 2009

Skinny Bitch Update #1

I lost ONE STINKING POUND. Not exactly what I was hoping for this week, but I am not going to be a cry baby about it, either. Considering that Colin and I were sick all week and that I did not lift a finger to work out for the last 5 days, that is not so bad. I was hoping that all my healthy meals alone might have influenced the scale more, but I know the number would have been great if I had been working out. It sucks that we all got sick during my first big week, but I still feel awesome about things and I am looking forward to the new week! I cut out sweet tea cold turkey this week and that alone makes me feel like a rock star. ;-)

Also, I realize the title of this post is wholly inappropriate, but I like it. hehehe!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Week...UGH!

In an attempt not to be overly dramatic (which I suppose I can be at times), I will say that this week has not exactly been a piece of cake. Colin has been dreadfully sick all week long. I woke up with it on Monday and have been an utter mess myself. Toddler illness takes me down like nobodies business! Colin spent the better part of the week only napping while laying propped up on my chest while I tried desperately not to cough and wake him up. I have been feeling absolutely horrible and I know that I could have knocked this out with a couple of days in bed, but I think we all know the chances of that happening. :-) He has been crying so much in the past few days that I took him to the doctor again today. The little guy has been so miserable and inconsolable that I started to really freak out. He screams and tries to crawl up me, almost like he is writhing in pain! The pedi told me today that his throat is totally raw and that was probably causing the severe pain and resulting tantrums. He does not have strep and she thinks he just had one hell of a virus to get over, but all is well. After screaming through the entire doctors visit, he finally fell asleep in his bed when we got home and took a good nap. He was in much better spirits when he woke up and I think we have turned the corner. Thank goodness!! Everyone say your prayers!

I still feel like a mess and I am going to bed as soon as I publish this post. Colin and I have been home bound all week and I hope that tomorrow we can possibly get back outside again. We both seriously need some fresh air. Between Colin and I being so sick, I have not worked out at all since Saturday. I am sad that I won't have big loss numbers to report tomorrow, but I have followed my diet like a good girl, so I still feel proud! I will weigh tomorrow morning as scheduled and report back! With the way this week is going, I probably gained 10 lbs. ;-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend Update...LATE!

We had the makings of a wonderful weekend, but things did not exactly end well. I took Colin to the park on Friday and we had a great time. He finally got in the sand box and loved it! He has been terrified of sand, so this was a big deal! I have been working out religiously and eating right for several days now, which has been bolstering my mood. I always find the first few days are the hardest and I am happy to have some momentum going. On Saturday we had dinner with our good friends Jeff and Natalie and their kids. Our boys are the same age and we have been close friends for several years now. They live about 45 minutes away from us, which keeps us from spending much time together now that everyone has kids. It was SO GREAT to see them on Saturday and we had dinner at Cristina's, which is one of our favorite places. The best part of the evening was having their oldest daughter with us. She is such a big girl now and Colin adored her. She kept the little ones entertained for a good portion of dinner, which was such a blessing! Even though Colin got antsy and did end up making a huge mess, I still had time to drink almost one whole margarita first, which is unheard of. :-) I had a salad at dinner and worked out extra hard that afternoon in preparation for my "cheat" drink. It was totally worth it! Colin ended up getting out of his high chair, pulling his bag of animal crackers out of the diaper bag (which I did not see him do) and dumping the whole bag across the crowded room. Lovely. He also started throwing silverware, which signaled the end of dinner. It will be very nice when dinners can actually be longer than 20 minutes again!

Sunday morning is when things went downhill...I noticed Colin coughing on Saturday and sure enough, he woke up with a high fever on Sunday. This has been the sickest I have ever seen him...even when he had that horrid stomach bug, he was in good spirits between being sick. This illness has knocked him down! He spent literally all day Sunday laying on the couch in my arms, which is so VERY unlike him that it scared me to death. I ended up at the children's urgent care place that afternoon and found out he has an upper respiratory infection with fever. I was certainly glad to hear it was not more serious. Colin continued laying on the couch yesterday as well and his fever spiked last night. He is still feeling yucky today, but is walking around and being more active. He has been a bear this morning and I know he is sick of the house. I took him to the park down the street to give him a change of surroundings, but after swinging for about 5 minutes he started to cry. I pulled him into my arms and he put his little head on my shoulder! HOW SAD!! So here we are, back home and watching The Wiggles. I hate seeing Colin feel so bad!!!! I also caught this crud from him, but it is not like I can go lay in bed. I soldier on!

It should also be noted that Colin does not want to eat anything, so I went through the Sonic drive-thru to bribe him with something extra yummy. You will all be proud to know that I did not order anything for myself, nor have I had one single bite of the delicious goodies I got Colin. YEA ME!! :-)

Here is a great picture of the kiddos from Saturday night...Austin, Lydia and Colin. SO SWEET!

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