Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let The Games Begin!

I grew up with 2 sisters in a land full of glitter, tutus and pink tights. Sports for me consisted of tightly curled ponytails, red lipstick and dance recitals. I did absolutely nothing that was not set to music. Therefore, I assumed that Colin was going to be a girl. I was certain...and not because I didn't want a boy, but simply couldn't fathom a boy. I had the bedding picked out and the decor planned in my head when we went to the ultrasound appointment. The technician said, "It's a girl!". I knew it! She even typed "GIRL" across the screen. And then Colin moved. "Wait a second...that was the cord...oh, my! It's a BOY!". Sure enough, plain as day, my son was staring back at us through the monitor. Immediately, like in a movie, images whooshed in at me all at once...dirt, sweat, soccer balls, cleats, baseball gloves and the whole nine yards. I saw myself handing a plate of dinner to a boy with a grass stained jersey and a grin on his face. I knew at that moment that I was born to be the mother of this boy. Suddenly, I was over the moon with excitement over things that I had never even thought of before. I would sometimes lay in bed at night and wonder if I was being silly...if the make believe images in my head could really come true and be reality. Keep in mind that I am the same woman who grew up certain that my high school boyfriend would look exactly like Danny Zuko and that at some point I would utter the line, "Tell me about it, Stud". I am not exactly known for having reasonable expectations. Well, for once in my life, the story that I told in my head actually came true! Last weekend, we attended the opening ceremonies for baseball season, as well as Colin's first real game. It was completely unforgettable and one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had!

Opening ceremonies turned out to be a BIG deal, which I should have known. Texans are notoriously serious about sports. :-) There was a big parade announcing all the teams and then all the kids gathered on the field for the National Anthem and the first pitch. There were bounce houses, a home run derby and lots of hot dogs. It was WONDERFUL! Colin and his friends all looked absolutely adorable, to the point that it was overwhelming me at times! Colin showed no nerves, followed his friends gleefully through the parade and was super excited to wear his uniform. His shirt hung literally to the middle of his calves, which made it even more precious. The weather was perfect and sharing this with our best friends made it even better. I am SO glad that we are all on this team together! The first game was Saturday morning and that was equally wonderful. Colin did such a great job and participated through the whole game! He really seemed to be having a great time, which was a dream come true. As I was driving over to the ballpark that morning, I was overcome with how much things are changing and how fast. It seems like 5 minutes ago that Colin was an infant and look at us now. He is sitting in the backseat of my car in full baseball uniform and eating a donut while asking me if I "remembered his cleats". I am driving around a sea of soccer and baseball moms, looking for a parking space and wishing I had thought to bring the folding chairs. How did this happen?! When did we get here?! I love everything about being the mother of a boy...especially THIS boy...I just wish it would slow down! There is almost not enough time to savor the cuteness of this stage! :-)

Here are some of the 9,000 pictures that I took over the two days. Colin is number 7!

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