Friday, January 30, 2009


I really think my son is trying to kill me with adorableness. Is that a word? Anyway...he is too much. This morning he is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while having his breakfast. Mickey says, "We need a mousekatool!" and Colin yells as loud as he can, "OH TOODLES!!!". Oh my lord, it was the cutest thing ever. He beat Mickey to the punch. (if you don't have the pleasure of knowing the in's and out's of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then just smile and nod.) ;-)

Jer called last night with the amazing news that he will be home early for sure!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! It looks like he might make it as early as next Wednesday!! That cuts a week off the trip and makes me very very very happy!!!!!! I am probably going to pass out with joy when I see him. Colin is going to be beside himself, too. YEA!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update! FINALLY!

HELLO!! First of all, thank you to all of my sweet friends who have been asking for new blog is so nice to know that I have such awesome girls who love to read about us and worry about me when I am gone! :-) I promise to get back to normal!!

We finally got home yesterday after the ice storm that blew through here. April says it right...why not some fluffy snow for a change instead of freaking ice!?!? UGH! I was planning on coming home Tuesday morning bright and early, but that plan quickly changed. I had been so wrapped up with taking care of Colin that I neglected to watch the news and did not realize the ice storm was coming so soon. I knew it was coming, but thought I had more time to get home. My poor kitty Ferris Mewler had been home alone since THURSDAY, and I had already pushed the trip one extra day in Tyler. I was having so much fun being with my family that I was loathe to come home to an empty house to pay bills. The thought was simply not appealing. ;-) Anyway, I had left big bowls of food and water, but by Tuesday morning I was really worried about my kitty and quickly started to freak out when I found out I would not make it home. Luckily my neighbor Corey was able to come over and check on him. Now, I was not exactly pleased that I had to give access to my huge wreck of a house to my neighbor, but I sure did sleep better once I knew Ferris was warm, fed, and still alive to bite me when I got home. :-) And he did bite me when I got home!

The picture above is of Colin and Jackson playing in the crib at my parents house. They were SO CUTE during this trip...that was half the reason I did not want to come home! Colin has finally gotten old enough to appreciate playing with Jackson and they tore it up the entire time! Colin was in awe of Jackson and trying to do everything he did. J-man is exactly two years older than Colin and it makes me really think about having another child soon...they seemed to be the perfect age difference from each other. They are still close enough to enjoy playing together, but Jackson is old enough to be a rock star to Colin. :-) I am already passed the point of them being exactly two years apart, but I do think it will be a good idea to get started trying this year. Maybe. I should probably approve this with a certain husband first. Anywhoo...the trip to Tyler was incredibly fun and it was so nice to have lots of other eyes to watch Colin. My parents have truck loads of toys for the boys and Colin loved having new stuff to attack. We ate out at my favorite spots and spent our evenings relaxing by the fire. I love seeing how much Colin adores his family. He is especially close to his Aunt Alie and would run up to climb in her lap constantly. I am the only other person he does that with, and when Alie is there, I am chopped liver. I think it is because she spent so much time with us when he was born and he has a deep attachment to her. I love that. Aunt Meredith and I are at the back of the list. ;-)

SO, we are pretty much up to date now. Jer is doing well in London, although he is training in the overnight sessions right now, so we don't get to talk much. He is really ready to come home and we are literally dying to see him. He seems to have gotten his fill of jolly old England. He might even make it home a few days early, which would be SO GOOD! Let's hope!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Greetings from Tyler

I hate that I have not had a chance to post, but being a single mother is really cutting into my blogging time. ;-) We packed up and came to visit my parents on Thursday and have been here since then. It has been so great to be with my family and absolutely wonderful to have lots of folks around to play with Colin! He is having an absolute blast with everyone and he and Jackson have been playing together all weekend.

I will update more later, but all is well and we are hanging in there! I hope everyone had a great weekend.
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