Friday, June 17, 2011

Colin and Mommy Date!

Look at me! Two posts in 24 hours! I am very proud of myself and happy to be back into blog mode! Now it's time to play catch up...June has been so busy and wonderful around here! Let's start with my recent date with the best boy in the whole world! We just had Legoland open at the Grapevine Mills Mall a few weeks ago and Colin has been begging to go. The day before the school district let out for summer, it hit me that if I wanted to take Colin without a huge crowd, I had to do it immediately! I informed Colin that we were having a special day together and he was over the moon. We arrived at Legoland at about 11am and it was everything Colin wanted it to be! The crowd was minimal (for such a popular place) and the first thing we came upon was a ride that took us through a castle. As we rode, we helped fight the bad guys with laser guns to save the princess. Colin LOVED it!! We also got to see a 4D movie, which was absolutely amazing. They showed Bob the Builder and we got to wear the special glasses and the whole nine yards. They had real water, wind and even snow in the theatre! Colin was blown away and kept reaching his arms out to touch everything. We had an absolute blast! Afterwards, we picked out a Lego set in the gift shop and then went on to the second half of our date, lunch at Rainforest Cafe! It was Colin's first visit there, which is crazy. He was beside himself over the animals and we got to sit right beside the elephants. They even had a balloon artist walking around creating balloon animals. It was the most amazing afternoon and Colin was radiating joy. We even popped our heads into Payless on the way out of the mall and he helped me pick out sandals. :-) It was just one of those days when I realize how lucky I am. Colin is my sidekick and as he gets older, our adventures together are becoming so much fun. Surprising him with treats like this is one of the highlights of my life! Seeing his face when he experiences something new and amazing...I don't think I will ever get enough of that!

Lego's are EVERYWHERE! :-)

VERY impressed with the Lego dog!

Ready for our 4D movie! How excited is this boy?!

The Lego display of Dallas...they had replicas of Forth Worth, too! Super cool!

LOVING our date!

Getting ready for lunch at Rainforest Cafe!

Posing by the fountains at Rainforest Cafe

Colin and the elephants!

Posing with his balloon caterpillar. What a PERFECT DAY!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting Back on Track!

Okay, so a lot has been going on in my life. I have several blog posts going in my "drafts" section and with every passing day, I am getting more and more behind! I have had so much going on that I got a little overwhelmed with trying to write here. Which is not cool. I have next to nothing written since the start of the year and we are already into summer. I hate that! This blog has definitely taken a backseat and I don't like it at all.

The elephant in the room right now is the fact that we have been trying to conceive for a very long time and despite plenty of help from my doctor, things are not going great. I went into a bit of a funk over the whole thing and couldn't figure out how to keep going on the blog. I want this blog to be fun memories for Colin AND I am not one to share such personal stuff over the world wide web. However, I couldn't bring myself to write my usual fluff since I have had so much on my mind. I have started so many posts detailing the pain of not being able to conceive, but then I just delete them. I don't like to be sad and I don't like to write about it, either! I am a glass half full kind of girl! Therefore, I have decided to totally drop it and pull myself together. There is a TON of wonderful stuff going on right now and we are in a great place with our little family. I refuse to neglect this blog any longer because of my pity party! SOOO, in honor of the lighter things in life, I give you a nice fluffy Chalna style post! Don't we all feel better now?! ;-)

*Colin is finishing up his second week of swim lessons and he LOVES IT. This has been a momentous occasion for of yesterday, Colin swims underwater. As in, totally under. With goggles. On his head. One of his biggest sensory issues has been getting his face wet and having anything touch his face...we still battle with washing his hair! After several days of convincing, he gave it a try during class yesterday and I almost fell out of my plastic pool chair. He came up grinning, obviously proud of himself, and shot me a thumbs up from his spot in class. After lessons, we kept swimming together and he was like a new child! He swam until almost 2:30, going underwater the whole time, and then passed out once we got home. He napped for 30 minutes, and then we went BACK to the pool when Dad got home to show off our new skills. He then slept until 8:15 this morning, which in Colin's world is close to being in a coma. I love swimming! ;-)

*Colin started his 5 week summer program at school this week. He goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is actually thrilled to be back! On Tuesday, he literally ran right into Miss Gina's arms and forgot to tell me goodbye. How quickly we fall of the list. HA! There are different kids in his class and Miss Heather is also his teacher, which is new. He still loves it and told me that he made several new friends. I am so proud of how far he has come!! Ten months ago, he wouldn't even get in the car to go to school and now he is happy and going with the flow. What a difference a year makes...and a great occupational therapist, counselor and psychologist-as well as great teachers. :-) We have this wonderful team around Colin now and he is thriving beyond what I thought possible. He is so brilliant and I am starting to believe that he will be a rocket scientist. I am only slightly kidding.

*I need to be totally honest. The other reason that I don't blog much anymore is because I can't stop watching "Glee". I waited until a few weeks ago to start the show and I am completely and totally out of control. It is the. best. show. ever. I am coming very close to being caught up and I am starting to slow down because I don't want it to be over! How will I possibly wait until FALL to start the new episodes?? As soon as Colin goes to sleep, I park myself in front of the TV with a diet DP and bowl of popcorn and wallow in the joy that is people bursting into song randomly during the day. I crazy love this show.

*I bought a crazy rock star awesome curling iron for no good reason. You have to wear a heat proof glove to use it. I love it. I had to actually practice with it. An expensive and frivolous beauty device brings me such happiness.

*Colin is going to be 4 years old in one month. WHAT???????

*I just gave myself a mini-stroke when I wrote the last statement.

Okay, so I promise to write more tomorrow and the next day and the next. I WILL get this blog up to date! However, I must go watch Glee. Mr. Schuester needs me.
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