Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Picture of 2008

Jer and I took this picture with the timer feature on the camera...this is the last official shot of the Shaffer family in 2008. The bad news is that Colin and I have a horrible cold and are pretty miserable (which is why I look so hot in that picture. HA!) The good news is that we made a trip to Central Market for a special New Years Eve feast just for the three of us and it was FANTASTIC! We had the best shrimp cocktail that I think I have ever had and huge crab cakes that Jer cooked here at home. It was so yummy and I am pretty sure that Colin ate more of the shrimp than we did. That kid knows his seafood. :-)

After Colin went to bed, Jer and I tucked into our room to watch TV and toasted on a bottle of champagne. It was super quiet and very low key, but it was the perfect way to end 2008. This has been an amazing year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Rambles - 2008

I can't believe that tomorrow is New Years Eve. I can't believe that I blinked and a whole year of Colin's life has gone by. I always get very melancholy when Christmas is over. There is no rival to the holiday season for me and I start getting ramped up immediately after Halloween. In fact, I love Halloween because I know that the ball is rolling toward Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the entire time between mid October to the end of December. Everything about Fall makes me happy. As with just about everything in my life...once I am really passionate about something, it consumes me. Therefore, these days leading up to New Years always make me a little sad and sappy. I also get excited, though, because I know that I have a fresh new year to explore with Colin. There are 365 days looming ahead of me that will be filled with funny moments and major changes for my precious 17 month old baby. When I look back at this time last year, I had an infant who was not able to sit up unassisted. I remember that I was laying on the floor for his Christmas card pose, holding him upright out of the camera shot so that we could get the picture. He was just a little tiny baby, who I thought was so big at the time...strapping 5 month old that he was! I could never have pictured him as he is now...running all over the house and climbing on anything he can get his hands on. It's late and I won't turn this into my big New Years sign out post...I will save that for later. I was just sitting here tonight contemplating the end of one year and the beginning of the next. :-)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gabby's Birthday Party!

Today was Miss Gabby's birthday party! She is two years old and just the cutest little thing you have ever laid your eyes on. The party was absolutely fantastic and I am beyond glad that I got to see my friend Dana again after way too many years. They had the party at The Little Gym in Plano and Colin had never been before. He had the best time in the world! He took off the moment his feet touched the floor and hardly even paid attention to his boring old parents. All the kiddos were around the same age and all had so much fun. My favorite part was the cake...all the little ones sat at a mini table and ate off their plates like they were big kids. I was honestly amazed that Colin sat in his chair and ate his whole plate of fruit and crackers. I don't remember ever seeing anything so adorable as all those toddlers sitting at the table. Gabby knew it was her birthday and ate up being in the spotlight. She even blew out her candles like a big girl!! After they finished eating, the kids headed back into the gym and there were tons of rubber balls thrown out and BUBBLES! Colin was shooting baskets and chasing bubbles like a champ. He really had the best time ever. I can't believe how long it has been since I have seen Dana and her sister Teri...I danced in high school with both of them and it was so nice to get to hang out for awhile! I also got to see another old friend from school, Allison. It was great to catch up with familiar faces from growing up. It was a great afternoon and we are so lucky to have such good friends. Thank you for inviting us to your awesome party, Gabby! Happy Birthday!

Here is a shot of Colin and Gabby. I am amazed that I managed to get them in the same frame more than once. :-)

Here is Colin flirting with the ladies at the table. This was seriously the cutest moment.

Playing with the parachute. I thought this might scare Colin, but he loved it!

Colin and Gabby were playing while everyone else was in the circle. He thought she was pretty dang cute.

My little man loving The Little Gym. I think we may have to join!

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