Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Picture of 2008

Jer and I took this picture with the timer feature on the camera...this is the last official shot of the Shaffer family in 2008. The bad news is that Colin and I have a horrible cold and are pretty miserable (which is why I look so hot in that picture. HA!) The good news is that we made a trip to Central Market for a special New Years Eve feast just for the three of us and it was FANTASTIC! We had the best shrimp cocktail that I think I have ever had and huge crab cakes that Jer cooked here at home. It was so yummy and I am pretty sure that Colin ate more of the shrimp than we did. That kid knows his seafood. :-)

After Colin went to bed, Jer and I tucked into our room to watch TV and toasted on a bottle of champagne. It was super quiet and very low key, but it was the perfect way to end 2008. This has been an amazing year!


The Murrays said...

I love "the last picture of 2008" idea. It turned out really cute and I wouldn't have known you were sick. Schafer was sick today...he threw up three or four times...once all over me and once all over Travis. It was TERRIBLE! I felt so so so sorry for him. Except for a few tiny colds and couple bouts of croup he has been crazy healthy. I really feel your pain now from when Colin had that awful tummy sickness a few months ago. Brave Mommy for making it through that!!! Now that I've written a novel I'll stop rambling. Happy new year to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture for a last of 2008. It is good to know that the cycles of life really do continue as God's incredible earth everlastingly rotates to each breath that we take. I prayed when you were little girls that you would have a new years eve with a family of your own and love it as much as I loved mine. are Yours are the days when the world has seemingly stopped just for the wonderful world of the Shaffers to take precedent-which is just as it should be. So, all is right with your world and mine!! Happy 2009 from your Mama and Daddy

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Mama! :-)

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