Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend Kick-off

Colin and I attended another egg hunt this morning that was thrown by one of my meetup mommy groups. Colin had a lot more fun at this event because there were only about 40 kids and there was plenty of room for everyone to hunt and actually find eggs! The location was a great park that I had no idea existed and I am very glad that I know about it now. One entire playground was completely covered, which will make for a great spot when the Texas summer is upon us. This morning, however, it was very cold outside! It was 55 degrees when we arrived and I had not checked the weather before we left! I was freezing in my thin shirt and flip flops and Colin was wearing shorts and a short-sleeved t-shirt! Thankfully I keep one of Colin's jackets in the car for just these occasions. It ended up being a wonderful morning and I am glad that we attended. Tomorrow we are taking Colin to the Ft. Worth Zoo, which I am very excited about. We are going right when they open to hopefully avoid what will inevitably be a packed day. Easter Sunday will be at Jer's parents house, so the weekend is full and ready to go!

Colin is doing all sorts of new and adorable things at the moment. He is suddenly very interactive, which I LOVE. We hold the beginnings of real conversations with each other...I am starting to slowly make out words from his steady stream of babbles and I make a huge production out of him saying something right. His newest move is to make the bear sound. I say, "Colin, what does the bear say?" and Colin says, "GRRRRRR!!!". Let me tell you, it is the cutest thing ever. I find this far more adorable than the doggie and even the monkey sounds he does. ;-) It really is hysterical. He makes a big show out of saying it nice and growl-like. He has a LOT more words and my doctor was certainly right, it does come in explosions. He did something today that I found especially cute, which I have to share for memories sake. He was sorting through his candy filled eggs when we got home and inside were Hershey's Kisses. I have never given him one of those in his life, he has never seen one. In fact, I have never handed him a piece of candy at all before that I can think of. Anyway, I am sitting on the couch and he is standing beside me holding this kiss in his hand. Without hesitation, he begins peeling the wrapper off very carefully, like he is thinking very hard about doing it right. I keep quiet and watch. He peels the whole thing and then holds up the chocolate for me to see. He then stuffs the kiss in his mouth, looks somber for a moment, and then breaks into a huge, chocolate teeth covered smile. I was rolling with laughter. Apparently some things are innate in a human being...important little tidbits like what candy is, how it comes wrapped, and how to get into it and eat it. There was really no need for explanation. :-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Day On The Ranch

We have had a busy week so far and I can't believe that it is already Wednesday night! Today was our big pony riding playdate and it was wonderful and a little bit disappointing at the same time. First of all, I would move out to this area in a heartbeat! The drive out there was only 20 minutes, but it was out in the country in the most beautiful place! There were lots of mamas and kiddos there, including several friends that I did not know would be there. That was a great surprise! The ponies were the sweetest, most adorable things you ever saw and I really thought as we walked down the path together and took in the awesome surroundings that Colin was going to have a blast. Not so much. He wanted nothing to do with the ponies and I mean NOTHING! I tried and tried to convince him to give it a try and ride one and then I gave up on that and tried to at least get him to pet one. Nope. Heather (the home owner and awesome mama!) had a great backyard set-up that included a huge sandbox, so Colin played with the toys for awhile and stayed clear of the horses. I certainly don't mind that he was not into the never know with toddlers. Colin's little friend Scarlett (two years old) was in LOVE with the horses and must have gone on 10 rides. It was so cute! You just never know what each one is going to like or dislike. No, it was his overall temperament that has me a little worried. Colin is generally not a clingy child and likes to take off and do his own thing. Normally I have to watch like a hawk because he will take off! He is also very smiley and silly. For the last few days he has seemed a little withdrawn and today he literally would not let go of me. At one point he had his little arms latched around my neck and his head buried in my collar. That is so unlike him! He has also been bursting into tears and putting both hands in his mouth. Poor thing!!! I can see lots of ugly spiky white points sticking out all over his gums, so I know he is cutting several new teeth. I think that may be the reason for his mood shift this week. I may take him to see the pedi tomorrow just to make sure that his ears are clear. I can't wait for the day that he can tell me exactly what is bothering him. It will make the guessing game so much easier! :-)

Here are some pictures from the BEAUTIFUL event today. It was sunny, calm and 75 degrees out. A perfect day!!

Colin is trying on ALL the hats they brought. He literally tried on each one. He would not, however, leave one on long enough to get a picture of. My favorite things about this shot are his chubby little baby fingers gripping the hat. I LOVE THOSE FINGERS! :-)

This was the medium sized Shetland pony for the bigger kids. He was ADORABLE and so loving. I must have given him 10 hugs.

This is the cutie that Colin attempted to ride. Or should I say that I attempted to force him to ride. Either way, there was no riding. ;-) His fur was so soft...I wanted to take him home!

One view of the sandbox and all the kiddos (Colin is in the blue stripes). I cannot tell you how much I wish this was my home. It was AMAZING out there! The perfect place to raise kids.

I snapped this shot from my car window as we were driving into the neighborhood. Those statues were stunning and there were more lining the sides of the road, too. It was glorious. If I have readers who are not Texans, well, this may seem silly. But I LOVE IT! I have already told Jer that I need to move. Now. hehehehe!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today was VERY windy and the high was only 60, which almost stopped us from taking Colin to "Easter in the Park" at Centennial Park in Southlake. I was determined to brave the weather because they were supposed to have a petting zoo and Colin loves animals. It was a little too windy, but it was still worth the visit because we got to see THIS BUNNY!

Have you ever seen anything so adorable?!?! His name is Cody and he is a French Lops. Those feet were the best things ever!!! I was so enamored with that precious bunny that I wanted to steal him. ;-) It was really the highlight of the day. Did I mention those bunny feet?!?!

Besides my awesome moment with the bunnies, it was a quiet and uneventful day. After the Easter event, we walked over to the park and Colin found yet another slide and set of swings he adores. He now cries when you attempt to remove him from a swing! I think we would still be there if we let him keep going. We had dinner at Spring Creek and now Colin is tucked into bed. I am heading in to watch the Academy of Country Music Awards that is recording on the DVR as we speak and then I will be off to bed. We have a very busy week planned including another egg hunt and a visit to ride a pony!! Tomorrow we absolutely must make a big grocery run, which I would really rather not do. I have been putting it off and we have nothing to eat around here. I will stop boring everyone with the mundane and leave you with one last picture...Colin, the King of Swing. ;-)

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