Friday, April 11, 2008

The Non-Blondes

After my post below...I figured a picture of the actual Non-Blondes was in order. Here we are at Melissa's bachelorette party. Yes, those are penis earrings. I am pretty sure she still wears them. ;-) From left to right, Melanie, Melissa and yours truly.

Colin and Hunter do lunch

I had the pleasure of having lunch today with one of my oldest and best friends, Melanie, and her baby girl Hunter. Hunter is 2 months older than Colin and I know they are going to be getting into a LOT of trouble one day if they are anything like their mothers. :-) Melanie is a member of the "3 Non-Blondes". We actually began as "The 4 Non-Blondes" when we were in high school. It was a play on the band that was big at the time (yes, I have just aged myself) and we became known for that because we were basically the only girls on our dance team without masses of blonde hair. Not to mention we were best friends. We lost a member somewhere along the way (read: she somehow did not keep in touch after we all left for college) but the three of us are still very close. Melanie and I were preggers together last year and now we are having lunch with our kiddos. I swear it was yesterday that we were eating chips in the stands during football games and I was getting demerits for it. (You will notice that I said that I was getting demerits for it. Melanie and Melissa always managed to stay out of trouble and I always got caught. Are you reading this, girls?!?! :-) Anyway, lunch today was great. Colin and Hunter were both very good, which is awesome considering that Colin occasionally decides that he would rather be anywhere else other than a high chair. But today was fantastic and the weather was AMAZING! Bright, sunny and 70. I love this time of year in Texas. Summer is brutal, so I have to soak this up while I can!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh, the memories!!

Last night I made the ill fated decision to pull out our old photo cd's to find something I was looking for. Boy, I found a lot more than that! I uncovered a million pictures of my formerly skinny self. I really do understand that I am heavy right now for a very good reason and that I will get back to my former self when I have some time to devote to that goal, but it sure does seem daunting when looking at these pictures. I have decided to look at the bright side...these can act as motivation! The other problem is that I am at the ripe old age of 26 in these photos...these were taken when Jer and I got engaged in the spring of 2003. Yep, these pics are exactly 5 years old. I am pretty sure that turning 31 and having a baby both limit the prospects of finding those abs again, but I digress! :-)

The other thing that these pictures remind me of? The amazing memories that I have with Jeremy. These pictures were taken during our big engagement party weekend in Ft. Lauderdale in April of 2003. We were there with a huge group of our friends staying in the condo that our company owned. This is when Jeremy was one of my pilots and we enjoyed the perks of taking one of the company jets to Ft. Lauderdale or Atlantic City for the weekend. We were a big group of kids in our twenties with access to great things and time on our hands! What good times we had!!!! I was skinny during this time because I had plenty of time to go the gym (trust me, abs don't come naturally to me!). Jer and I had the best time together! I love that we have that history to look back on and it means so much to me!! I kept having to stop writing this post to take care of Colin today and I just sat back down after giving him a bottle and putting him down for his nap. As I was sitting in the glider with his sweet chubby self collapsed in my arms sound asleep, I thought to myself that this is what it is all about. Jer and I have memories of each other as crazy, silly, rock star kids and now we will have memories of each other as crazy, silly parents to a rock star little man! What a wonderful life I am leading...fat or not!! :-)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mundane Tuesday

We have entered into another quiet week with little fanfare. Colin's teeth are quite a nightmare for the little guy and we are both dealing with a hefty lack of sleep. Other than that, he is happy and doing well. I am trying so hard to get off my butt and go for jogs/walks with Colin, but when you are running on zero sleep, it is really hard to put on your running shoes. My recent weight gain has me a bit down, but what can you do? I know that I will get the weight off eventually and right now I have to focus on getting rest when I can. One thing that is progressing very well? My biceps!! You should see these guns! ;-) Colin is getting so big and he loves to play "bounce" now. This involves tossing him into the air over and over again while he bounces away. Needless to say, my arms are getting pretty dang strong! At least that is something!

There is not much else to report on the home front at the moment. I am having "Asian/Thai" week and working on some of our favorite dishes for dinner. I have never tried making curry before and it is going pretty well! I made a curried coconut chicken for dinner tonight that actually came out really good. I was shocked! Colin went to bed early because his nap schedule was a little off. He woke up at 4:45 this morning screaming and could not be consoled for awhile. Therefore the start to our day was off from the beginning and so were his naps. He took a really long nap in the middle of the day and then went down for the night at 7:30. That is early, so hopefully the night goes okay. Here is hoping!

I am sorry this is the most boring post of all time, but I am pretty uninteresting at the moment. :-)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bluebonnet Photo Shoot!

Well, we made it through our very first photo shoot in the Texas Bluebonnets. We had a great time! As you recall from what I wrote yesterday, Jer thought it was so funny that I wanted to get pics of Colin in the bluebonnets. Well, sure enough, as we rolled up to the field with the flowers, there were no less that 25 other people all there taking pictures! It was so were lined all up and down the access road. Jer was shaking his head and laughing the whole time. What can I say? We Texans appreciate a field of our state flower!! :-)

It should also be noted that Colin and Jer are officially in cahoots with each other. I bought Colin the sweetest little blue and white jumper to have these pictures taken in. It is very classic baby boy, with blue and white checks and a white peter pan collar. Very very sweet! Jer was laughing at it because it was "not manly at all". I tried to explain that Colin will only be a little baby for so long! The outfit was precious!! Jer was rolling his eyes as I was putting it on Colin. As soon as I got the outfit on and sat Colin up, he threw up all over the whole thing. I am not even kidding. He then looked right at his dad as if to say, "That was for you!". I thought Jer was going to fall out of his chair laughing. So there went my adorable outfit. I am totally outnumbered. :-)
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