Friday, May 23, 2008

Not much happening!

There is really nothing too eventful to write about at the moment. Yesterday Colin and I went to lunch with some of the girls in my mommy group. Colin absolutely loves babies. It is fun to watch him recognize that they are one of him. He squealed with delight when he got to play with one little girl his age. The only problem is that he does the same thing that he does with Enzo...he grabs them with all his might! We are working on learning "gentle". So far it is not working. :-)

Colin is getting better and better at eating finger foods. We went to an Italian place by the house for dinner last night and we ordered a white pizza to share. I cut up almost a whole piece in little tiny bites and Colin ate all of it! He loved it and I was totally surprised. He is still a newborn in my eyes, I think. I always think that he won't go for something and he always proves me wrong. He ate some of that leftover pizza, chicken sticks, and applesauce for lunch today. I really can't believe that he is 10 months old now. He has turned into such a funny, beautiful, sweet little boy. I am a lucky mama!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is going to seem trivial to most people, but I am in a great mood today because FINALLY the person that I wanted to win American Idol actually won. Hey, I can't help it...I don't get out much these days and it is the little things! Sue me! :-)

I watched all season and loved David Cook from the very beginning. That did not bode well for him since I am a grown up and only the tween kids seem to be able to pick the Idol winner. I understand this due to the fact that even though I love to watch the show, I am not about to spend my evening trying to get through a busy phone line to vote. Remember, I did say I was a grown up. I know that the only people out there putting serious time to voting are in the 7th grade. Anyway, despite the fact that I did not vote, Cook stayed in the race. When I watched the final performances on Tuesday night, I did what I have never done before. I actually voted. I seriously spent 15 minutes dialing those three numbers to vote. I even managed to get 5 votes in through all the busy signals. That is the first time in the history of the show that I have actually voted. I just could not watch the teenager win again. He is such a seemingly sweet kid, but I was ready to see someone win that would actually get me to buy a record. I enjoy David Cook so much and I am so happy that he won. YEA!!! I feel like we have a win for the adults!

Colin is still sleeping through the night and little things are starting to come together. I instituted the rule that every time Colin sleeps through the night properly, we go for a walk when he first wakes up. First of all, it is too hot to take him on a serious workout walk during the afternoon and I desperately need to get moving. The early morning is still cool enough to workout and Colin is in a great mood. So as long as I had a full night of sleep, we are doing it! Now that I am getting proper rest, I need to lose this weight! Also, during Colin's naps when I used to sleep, I am starting to tackle different cleaning projects. I actually cleaned our bedroom for the first time in forever this week! I actually saw what our bed looks like when it is made up! HA! Don't get me wrong, I am still exhausted chasing Colin all day, but after going 10 months with no sleep, I can handle standard daily tiredness. :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

A New Woman

I am starting to heal. Colin slept from 7:30pm to 7:00am last night. I actually woke up on my own today for the first time since Colin was born. I am slowly starting to feel like a human being again and it feels amazing. I am starting to feel like I can actually get active, take Colin for walks, start the workouts that I wanted to start months ago, stop watching the clock with baited breath for nap time so that I can collapse into some sleep. I am so thankful that Colin is getting the sleep he needs. I was a good mother before, but now that I am getting rest, I can see that I will be an even better mom. I waited too long to get us help. I can see that now!!
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