Thursday, April 29, 2010

33 Years Old...Seriously?

Well, it's my birthday. AGAIN. This just keeps happening. :-) I have had a lovely day...Colin and I went out to lunch and spent the afternoon at the park. I have had the most wonderful time reading all of the endless birthday wishes on Facebook and feeling like the princess of the day. To top things off, an old friend from my drill team days had her baby girl today! I think she picked the perfect day to be born. hehe!

Jer had a random day off yesterday, so we took Colin back to the botanic gardens for a walk. We love it there and Colin has such a great time exploring. He will not leave his shoes on and loves finding ways to get off the beaten path. During one such trek behind the scenes of the gardens, we stumbled onto a huge bush full of honeysuckle. The scent struck me immediately as we rounded the corner and I was taken back to my childhood. The fence in my parents backyard filled up with them every year and I would spend hours out there pulling the pods apart and tasting the sweet juice. We showed Colin how to do it and he was very impressed! Here he is taking his very first sip!

Once we got home from the gardens, Jer took over with Colin and I headed out for my birthday present...a pedicure! BLISS! I really can't think of a better gift! It is very hard to spoil yourself when you are the stay at home mother of a two year old, so that hour in the salon is just the best thing ever. I am heading to Tyler tomorrow for a weekend at my parents house. Mert and Cory are having a Kentucky Derby party at their house on Saturday, which I will get to attend. Meredith is making me wear a giant hat for the party, so there ought to be some amusing pictures to come. :-) I will sign off with this last picture of Colin...his face is cracking me up here. You can tell he is up to no good!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little Update

I am happy to report that the stomach flu is officially gone from our house! After several sub par days, I feel back to normal and things are happy again in our neck of the woods. The weather has been bright and sunny with highs in the 70's, so Colin and I have been spending as much time as possible soaking up the short Texas spring. I know it will be 100 degrees before you know it, so I am living it up while I can. :-) We spent the entire afternoon at the park in Southlake yesterday and finished up with a trip to Baskin Robins. As you may have guessed from the pictures below, Colin choose chocolate.

We headed over to the airport this afternoon to share a picnic lunch with our best buddies and watch some airplanes. Jer was able to come over and say hello during his lunch break, which was a treat. Colin was more subdued than normal, which is probably because I gave him a dose of Benadryl this morning. He woke up with a runny allergy nose, so I thought the Benadryl might be a good option. I suppose I should have gone with the Claritin...I forgot how sleepy the other stuff makes him! By the end of the visit, he was laying down on his blanket, which is beyond rare. However, I think the medicine has worn off because he is back to his old self now and avoiding all hopes of an afternoon nap. Of course. :-) Look at that blue sky...what a beautiful day we are having!

There is not much else to report here at the moment. The days are just ticking by. :-)
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