Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Weekend with the Girls!

Let's talk about THE BEST WEEKEND in the whole world! My wonderful friend Eren invited a group of us to spend the weekend at her in-laws lake house. It was not quite 2 hours away and it ended up being a much needed respite from life! The husbands stayed home with the kids and we stayed there on Friday and Saturday night and came home on Sunday. This was my very first time away from home without Colin and while I missed him terribly, it felt amazing to be child-free with my girlfriends!

We all arrived on Friday night and proceeded to drink a few bottles of wine and gossip about everything under the sun, most of which was unsuitable for children. HA! We all went to bed after 2am, which is absolutely unthinkable! I still can't believe we did that! We woke up on Saturday morning and proceeded to do absolutely nothing. It was HEAVEN. We made coffee and took it out to the huge back deck overlooking the lake. We sat around in rocking chairs and talked and basked in the breeze through the trees. Kayrene made a delicious breakfast casserole (one of my favorite things in the world), which went a long way with soaking up the full bottle of wine in my stomach from the night before. ;-) We spent a couple of hours inside the house, and I had one of my own little internal moments that made me smile. At one point, Hannah was sitting on the floor with all of her nail polish supplies and began giving herself a manicure. The other girls were scattered on various couches and chairs and we were all still in our pj's. I was nursing my 3rd cup of coffee and we were cracking each other up with the most hysterical stories. It took me right back to high school and for an instant, I was 17 years old again. It reminded me of the days when we had no responsibilities and all of my time was spent holed up at a friends house, doing our nails and waiting to get ready for a night out. These were the days before careers and families and even husbands. That morning, I was just a girl sitting around with her friends with absolutely nowhere to be. It was beyond wonderful and I think it gave me back a little piece of myself.

Hannah brought AWESOME BBQ chicken sandwiches and pesto pasta salad for lunch and we continued our weekend of delicious food. I loved her pulled BBQ chicken so much that I just made it for dinner last night after stealing the recipe! :-) After lunch, we slipped into our bathing suits and headed back outside to sit in the sun. We all pulled our chairs around on the deck and turned a long chaise into a group footrest. Shelly brought a giant stack of magazines and we passed them around and began sharing more stories and pointing things out from our educational reading. HA! We took a few silly pictures with the timer set on my camera and then made a round of cocktails. Hannah brought a game that really just consisted of a deck of cards with all kinds of revealing questions that we all had to answer. I found out so much about my friends...in a good way! :-) We started to notice that the sun was beginning to set! We had spent all day together without even thinking about getting dressed! I can't explain how wonderful that was! We all took showers and primped for our dinner out at Jalapeno Tree and managed to make it there by around 8, although I can't be totally sure on the time, since I rarely looked at a watch! After a great dinner and margarita's, we came back home and took a series of quite possibly the funniest pictures of all time before changing back into pj's. It did not take long to settle back down in the middle of the living room with cocktails, birthday cake for Eren and an awesome game called "Apples to Apples". In this game, one person turns over a card with a word on it like "Adorable" and then the other players draw 7 cards. You have to play whatever card you think fits the word that was played. The person who is "it" turns over all the players cards and then decides which one they think best fits. It did not sound that exciting, but it ended up being HYSTERICAL and one of my favorite memories of the weekend! You would have to play a card, even if none of yours worked in the situation and it made for some sidesplitting moments! Eren was serious about winning, which had me in stitches from the very start and Shelly was killing me! Every time someone would get ready to judge the cards, she would say, "Okay, now before you turn those cards over, I want you to think about...." and then try to explain her choice, despite the fact that you are not supposed to know who played what card! Oh my lord, I was rolling with laughter. It didn't hurt that we were drinking wine again. ;-) At one point, the card was something like "Funny" and I think Shelly played "Custer's Last Stand". It was HI-larious! You probably had to be there. LOL!

We all drove home on Sunday morning, but made Eren promise that we could do it again ASAP! I am SO GLAD that I was invited and I definitely made memories that will last for a LONG time! What a perfect girls weekend with the best friends a girl could ask for!

Here we are after dinner...Shelly makes up the funniest poses ever and we try to reenact them...with mixed results. What the hell am I doing? Rachel and I are totally lost, clearly. And Shelly just cracks me up in this one!

Outside on the deck...looking super hot! ;-)

Is that a good day or what?!? :-)

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