Friday, June 12, 2009

Stuck at Home

We are stuck at home today without a car, which is a royal pain. Yesterday I made the genius decision to run errands with Colin in what turned out to be a torrential downpour of epic proportions. It ended up storming so badly that I did not even make it inside the store with Colin and turned around and came home. During this pointless trek, I drove through several deep areas of standing water, which is when I managed to run over a huge industrial looking screw. I did not notice it at the time, but we walked out to a completely flat tire on our way to dinner last night. Jer is going to put on the spare when he gets home today and get it fixed late this afternoon. Thus, no car today. Colin and I have had a fun day regardless and he has been in his cutest form all afternoon! We decided to walk to the small pool that is a few doors down from our house. We don't use that pool in favor of all the splash parks and fountain pools that Colin loves, but since we were on foot, it made perfect sense today. Colin ended up having a blast splashing in the little kiddie pool and even more fun on the short walk to and and from our house. I took a couple of cute pictures of him, but the Oreo cream that managed to find it's way to my lens again sort of ruins the effect. ;-)

While we were swimming, Colin walked up to me out of the blue and put his arms around my neck. He proceeded to give me the absolute biggest and best hug I have ever gotten in my life. I did not ask for it and it was totally unprovoked...he just locked his baby arms around my neck and pressed his whole body into my chest with his wet little cheek mushed against my face. He held it for several seconds while I hugged him hard in return. I just don't know how I ever got along without this boy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Traditions Continue!

I really hate it when I get behind on my blogs!! I feel like I have a million things to write about and I don't know where to start! Colin and I went to visit my parents this past weekend. It was an impromptu visit that turned out to be absolutely wonderful. Jer has been working like crazy, so Colin and I headed out by ourselves. We missed Jer a LOT, but it was really nice to travel without Enzo for a change. We got to leave him home with Jer, which made the car ride much easier, no taking him out in the middle of the night, and we were able to come and go from my parents house without worrying about Enzo being stuck inside at their house. I really need to convince them to put in a doggie door. We are so spoiled by ours...actually having to take him out is a pain! :-) Anyway, the weekend was bright and sunny and we had a blast. We spent Saturday with my sisters, precious nephew Jackson and bro-in-law Cory. They were moving, so I had to go spend the day in their new place watching them move and not lifting a finger to help. You are welcome. hehehe! Alieson and I kept a watchful eye over Jackson and Colin who were very busy practicing WWF moves in J's new room. His room was not put together yet, so Jackson taught Colin how to jump off his table and onto the mattress on the floor. Lovely. I swear being the mother of a boy is going to eventually give me a heart attack. They were having the most fun you have ever seen...jumping on top of each other and squealing with delight. Colin thinks Jackson is the greatest thing on earth. In return for teaching him table jumping, Colin taught J the proper way to eat an Oreo...cream first. Meredith was so pleased. HA!

On Sunday, we made our annual trip to the blueberry farm. We go every year at this time because they are only open for about two months in the summer. They are tucked away deep in the country and make the best pies on earth, which we buy in insane quantities. It will come as no shock to anyone that our arrival at the blueberry farm was loud and scene stealing. We are well known by the family that runs the place and they were happy to see least I think. ;-) Please note Jackson looking at us like we are nuts.

This year was more fun than ever because Colin and Jackson were old enough to really take part. They ran around the place having a blast. Colin, of course, tried to eat every berry in sight. I had to buy a pint right off the bat and hand the whole thing over to him. He sat on the porch with Mimi and dug right in. He then ran around the farm (you can also pick your own berries) and stole bites of pie from my dad. We are a family that lives and breathes by our special family traditions, so this always means so much to me. We always eat at the tiny country restaurant down the street from the farm and we always buy tons of pie. Now that I think about it, most of our traditions involve a lot of food. :-) Here are more shots from the day:
Me, Meredith and my neice. She will cook until September, but I can already tell she loves me. :-)
Colin eating berries with his Mimi!

Mama, Mimi and Colin on the porch after lunch.

Colin has been happy to be home this week, but he really misses the family. He has been walking around the house asking for each person by name, which melts my heart. He is such a sweet boy. Some funny tidbits...Colin calls my sister Alieson "YaYa". We call her "Alie" and a couple of months ago he turned that into YaYa and it stuck. He seriously walks around the house all day yelling "YaYa!!!!". My other sister, Meredith, has been waiting anxiously for him to call her by name. SO, this weekend he started calling EVERYONE by name. He walks up to each person and says their name. Mimi, Duke (my dad), YaYa, Jashon (Jackson), and Co-Co (Cory). Meredith got nothing. It was hysterical!!! My pregnant sister is following Colin around the house saying, "MERT!! AUNT MERT!!". Colin would just smile at her. Seriously, this was funny stuff. It was especially bad when they all met us for dinner and Colin yelled "CO-CO!!!" as loud as possible while Mert just fumed. Ah, good times! Oh, and if you have not guessed, we call Meredith Mert. Or Merty Mert. Or Merty McMert. Or Mert Mert in a sort of honking sound. All of that drives my mother insane. My mother calls her Meredith. Jeremy calls her Merthodone or Representative John Mertha. We are really a strange family. :-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Colin and Gus

I have a lot to post about from the past weekend, but this could not wait. This video was taken this morning...Colin was desperately trying to pick up Gus, my mom's cat. This may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. :-)

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