Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Nervous Mama

I have a bit of the "calm before the storm" mentality this Tuesday we are leaving to visit Jer's family. We are flying to Newark. With Colin. On a plane. With other passengers. For 3 hours. Plus the whole time in the airport. And the drive from Newark to Jer's parents house. I am honestly paralyzed with fear over this. The thought of this giant travel day, with airline terminals, flights, and then the drive...I am just frozen with terror. I know that it will be okay, I know it, but still I am so nervous that I can barely see straight. This is not a train ride that we will be able to walk away from or a playdate that we can depart early from. This is the real thing and I am having a very hard time not imagining the worst...which means that it can only be better than what I am picturing, right? I think that airline travel with a highly sensitive child could be more upsetting to the parent of that child than the child himself. ;-) I wish I could just snap my fingers and be on the airplane. The waiting and thinking is really driving me bonkers...that and the mental image of Colin standing in the terminal screaming that he does not want to ride the airplane. Yeah...that thought is slightly freaking me out. However, I am reminding myself that there is a good chance that he will love the whole experience. He does have aviation in his blood, afterall. ***breathe in***breathe out*** :-)

The good news is that we are all going to have a BLAST once we get there, of that I am sure. Colin is beside himself to see his Aunt Victoria, Aunt Amanda, Nana and Papa. We also informed him that he gets to go to the Crayola Factory, to which he almost fainted with joy. He won't stop talking about it and I cannot wait to see the look on his face when we actually get there. "Mommy, we are going to the CWAYON FACTORY where they MAKE MY CWAYONS!!" Oh my lord, it is the cutest thing I have ever heard! This is the first time for Colin to visit his Daddy's hometown and I think it is going to be so special for all of us. Now if only I could get some magical powers and just skip the travel days!

Colin is very happy these days. We do a lot with our friends and Colin's buddies have become a big part of his life. We have been going out to the airport a lot lately with all the boys to have picnics at the viewing area overlooking a runway. Colin just loves it and gets so excited when each friend arrives. He is so funny and outgoing with the people that he loves. He likes to tell jokes...which are actually just words that he picks out and decides are "silly". He then runs up and yells them at you and then cracks up with laughter, like he told you the best joke ever. His current favorite thing is to yell "CUPCAKE!" at Kim whenever he sees her. She plays her part very well and laughs at him, so he is probably going to keep it up for a long while. ;-) Here are a couple of pictures from the airport this week. I love that Colin turned around to wave at me.
Just some sweet boys watching the airplanes!

He has been saying and doing so many things that blow me away. He notices everything. EVERYTHING. When my dad was visiting about 3 weeks ago, he used a small white coffee mug. I pulled it out the other morning and Colin said, "Mommy, that is the coffee cup that Duke uses. You need to put it back." There was a woman eating in the booth behind us at lunch last Saturday and Colin leaned over the seat back and asked her why she was sad. That was an interesting moment for me. It is hard to explain to an almost 3 year old why he should not always make his observations out loud. He is loving firetrucks and any and everything that could be a "rescue" vehicle at the moment. He loves to "go on an emergency" with his firetruck, ambulance and police car and "save people". He is obsessed with his "diggers" and all construction related materials. He knows what they all are and corrects me, "Mommy that is not a digger. It is a front end loader!" The funniest thing is when we pass by the big construction area where a new "high five" roadway is going in...he gets so angry at me when I drive by and won't stop so that he can watch the big trucks working. I try to explain that you can't just stop on a major freeway, but it falls on deaf ears. :-) As the time comes to start planning Colin's birthday, I can't help but wish we could have it on a construction site. Colin would probably perish from excitement. Or better yet...go to an actual fire where firemen are putting out a blaze. Now THAT would make Colin happy. HAHAHAHA!
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