Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Blah's

Things are pretty messy over here at the moment! Colin has been having some serious sleep regression issues ever since his cold started and things went from bad to worse last night. He woke up at 12:00am and I was unable to get him back down until 4:00am. That includes a couple of very long cry it out sessions and then the two of us watching the middle of the night shows on Noggin. I really can't tell if the problem is his cold or maybe just internal changes that are messing with his body clock. He had finally made the official switch to one nap, and while it still varies in length, he seemed to be doing good and was even sleeping later in the morning. That good spell is apparently over at the moment and I am feeling much like exhausted newborn mama again.

I am feeling particularly sad this week because Jer is going out of town on Friday and will be gone for over a month. He has been offered the most amazing promotion at work that requires a month of training in London. I have never been away from him for even close to that length of time before and I am honestly trying not to think about it. Colin and I are going to miss him so much!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Is Here...Anyone Have Cough Syrup?

Well, this update is coming in at well after midnight because I am still coughing myself into fits, and therefore cannot sleep. I have now taken NyQuil and my prescription cough syrup with Codeine and nothing is helping. I don't want to keep Jer up (we have all been SO SICK for the past few days!!) and I don't want to wake Colin, so I am huddling quietly on the couch trying not to cough. It does help to sit up, so sleep may never happen, but maybe I will write a novel tonight instead. Right!

Anyway, Colin and I were not feeling good on New Years Eve and sure enough, I could not even get out of bed the next day. I tried to shake it off, but the day was a total wreck. We had a dinner party on Friday night that we really wanted to attend and we kept telling ourselves that it would be okay to go. Colin has not gotten worse, thank heavens! He is a little snotty and has a bit of a cough, but he is still happy and seemingly feeling okay. His parents on the other hand...ugh! I was really feeling like a mess and Jer, sadly enough, started getting sick at the party. We seriously must have been the worst house guests ever. None of us would admit to coming down with a cold, so we were just slightly clammy looking people who didn't give out many hugs and tried to talk as little as possible to avoid hacking up a lung. LOVELY. We did have a great time despite taking turns for the worst....they are such sweet people and they adore Colin. I feel very secure to have Colin around them and I would not worry to turn my head...that kind of thing. I hope we all get to hang out a lot more in the coming year!

In other pressing 2009 news....Colin said, "Night Night!" this very evening!! We always go around in our "ritual" and say night night to Ferris Mewler and Enzo, and then Mama and Daddy and his stuffed animals. Well, tonight I walked him up to Jer and said, "Night Night Daddy!" like I always do and Colin piped in with "Night Night!". It was SO GREAT! We made him say it like eight more times, which probably confused the heck out of him, but oh well. It was SO SWEET!!! Ever single day makes me fall in love with this little boy more...I am overwhelmed with it all sometimes. Colin watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning and they have a character that they call "Toodles". Colin got a Clubhouse for Christmas that has a little Mickey Mouse and a tiny Toodles replica. That little boy picks up the toy and says, "OH TOODLES!" just like they do on the show. Jer and I are still recovering from that one! This is such a fun stage....when I wake up, I feel like some new wonderful thing might pop out to surprise me. His newest thing is to ask for a kiss by coming up very close to you and leaning his forehead down, almost in a bow. This means for you to kiss his face. We finally figured out what he was doing and just melted straight away. My resolution for this year is going to be to try to slow down and take all this in as best as I can....these are the days I know I don't want to ever forget!!

Now....if only I could not cough, ;-}
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