Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Christmas!

Here are the pictures from my camera...please note our awesome pj's as modeled by my silly sister. Meredith and Jackson are the cutest...that may be the best picture I have ever gotten of them. Not to mention that Meredith crammed herself in a toddler fort. LOVE IT. ;-) The other picture is also a favorite...all three sisters and their good looking guys together on Christmas Eve.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

The fun has continued today and I am now starting to think that Colin is going to go into withdrawls when we drag him home tomorrow to our boring old house. He has been having an absolute blast! He slept again until 7:30, which is insanity! All this play is tiring him out! He started with all his new toys right off the bat this morning and went at it all day. He had 8 adults running after him for his favorite game, "I'm Gonna Get You!". He loved that when one of us got tired, another stepped in. He basically spent the whole day squealing with delight. Colin in bliss equals Mama in bliss. I love it! We had a big lunch of leftovers and laid around like stuffed whales watching football. I made my "Racquet and Jog" run to get a new long sleeve t-shirt. I love wearing my T-town gear when I am away from is like a little inside joke that I just have with myself....and any Tylerite I happen to run into. :-) Anyway...after a nice long nap, we packed up the whole gang to have dinner at Little Italy. It was just what I wanted and tasted great. Colin ate an entire slice of cheese pizza, not to mention olives and tomatoes off Jer's antipasto plate. He was hungry from all the action! Afterwards, we ended at my parents house, got Colin snug and sleeping and then my saintly parents agreed to stay home while Colin slept so that Jer and I could go hang out at Mert and Cory's new digs. It was a great time hanging out and I got to kiss on Jackson all night! Bonus! Jer also got to play Wii for two hours and I am pretty sure this means we will own one by next week. ;-) It was a great day and I am sad the week is officially over. We have had so much fun!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This has been a VERY Merry Christmas!! We have had the most amazing few days here at my parents house...I have loved every minute of it! Yesterday was a blast...Meredith and Cory came over along with Cory's mom. Alieson and her boyfriend Robert arrived as well. Robert brought the most amazing spinach artichoke dip I have ever had, and that began the eating frenzy. We had queso, cheeses and crackers, chex mix made the "mama" way, not to mention sheets of her famous homemade fudge!! My dad and I made a last minute trip to the grocery store and ended up packed in with throngs of other folks with our same plan. That was a special treat for me because I never get alone time with my Daddy anymore and he is very popular at his store. I loved seeing all the people coming up to say reminded me a lot of being a little girl. I have lots of memories like that with him at his store. I felt like a kid again. My mom made a huge Christmas Eve feast and we all gathered at the table to eat and laugh. Colin has been an absolute joy the entire trip...he loved being surrounded by everyone at the table. In our family, we get to open our "Christmas Eve Gift" before bed. It was always the only present we were allowed to open on Christmas Eve and it was always pajamas. This year was no different...they are light blue with penguins. I love them and am looking forward to retiring the "cheeky monkey" pair that I have been wearing since last year. I love getting the new ones into rotation. ;-) I don't have the cord for my camera here, so the pictures will have to wait for a later post.

Today dawned bright and beautiful with just a slight chill in the air. Colin woke up at around 7:30, which was so late! We made pigs in a blanket for breakfast and opened a few gifts. Colin made out like a bandit....I still can't get over all the toys he received! Santa brought him "Elmo Live", which he thought was amazing. He keeps trying to grab his mouth when he talks, so it may be a few months before he actually gets to finish a story. This toy just blows my mind...I think the grown-ups had more fun than Colin did with it!

Meredith and Cory came back to the house later in the morning with Jackson and we were so glad to see him! The real present opening began at that point...the boys were knee deep in wrapping paper and having a blast. They were so sweet to each other...Jackson and Colin shared all of their toys! This is a shot that Robert got of all the action.
Colin got a gigantic pop-up play fort, complete with tunnels that connect the rooms. There is no way it will fit anywhere in my house, but oh well. We sat it up in the living room and the boys went nuts playing in it. That was a huge hit. Meredith ended up climbing in it...another great pic that will have to wait for my camera download. It was hysterical! Colin spent the whole day soaking up his Aunt Alie, which is no surprise. He has really enjoyed being around all of his aunts and uncles. Jackson got a car that required some serious assembly and I love that I got this next picture. All the men are working on it. Even Colin got in on the action and hid several of the bolts in Alie's boots. HA!
The first and last pictures are sweet shots that we got outside this afternoon...Colin went through several clothing changes after all the meals...he has been eating almost as much as me! We took hundreds of pictures, so I will probably be posting more later. I want to remember this Christmas vividly because it was so beautiful. There were so many moments over the last few days that made me step back and think about the gifts I have been given in my life. We are a blessed family to be sure. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who Needs Christmas Presents?!

Reason Number 468 for not allowing your toddler son access to the bathroom. ;-)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


We headed over to Southlake Town Center tonight to take in the Christmas lights after dinner. It was in the 20's before the wind chill and as you can imagine, we were COLD. We only lasted outside for a few minutes and got a couple of cute pictures. Colin seemed to be exhilarated by the cold for a little bit and the lights were spectacular. I hope we get a chance to go back another night next week when it is warmer. They have carriage rides that I know Colin would get a huge kick out of, but it was just too cold tonight. It has certainly been an action packed and very fun weekend!

Colin's New Man Chair

Jer and I decided to give Colin one of his Christmas presents early today...he is the proud owner of his own toddler recliner! It was way too much to lug to Tyler for Christmas morning, so we thought he could enjoy it for the next couple of days before Santa comes. I have video that I also need to post...he absolutely adores it! I caught the picture below about half an hour after he got the chair...he had cozied up to watch his cartoons. I can't believe what a hit this was...apparently he really wanted his own chair! :-)

We just got back from lunch at Rosa's and a trip to Toys R Us for Jackson's present. I am also pretty sure that Santa is going to bring "Elmo Live" to Colin this year. ;-) That ought to be some fun video footage. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner...I am getting really excited!!
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