Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

The fun has continued today and I am now starting to think that Colin is going to go into withdrawls when we drag him home tomorrow to our boring old house. He has been having an absolute blast! He slept again until 7:30, which is insanity! All this play is tiring him out! He started with all his new toys right off the bat this morning and went at it all day. He had 8 adults running after him for his favorite game, "I'm Gonna Get You!". He loved that when one of us got tired, another stepped in. He basically spent the whole day squealing with delight. Colin in bliss equals Mama in bliss. I love it! We had a big lunch of leftovers and laid around like stuffed whales watching football. I made my "Racquet and Jog" run to get a new long sleeve t-shirt. I love wearing my T-town gear when I am away from is like a little inside joke that I just have with myself....and any Tylerite I happen to run into. :-) Anyway...after a nice long nap, we packed up the whole gang to have dinner at Little Italy. It was just what I wanted and tasted great. Colin ate an entire slice of cheese pizza, not to mention olives and tomatoes off Jer's antipasto plate. He was hungry from all the action! Afterwards, we ended at my parents house, got Colin snug and sleeping and then my saintly parents agreed to stay home while Colin slept so that Jer and I could go hang out at Mert and Cory's new digs. It was a great time hanging out and I got to kiss on Jackson all night! Bonus! Jer also got to play Wii for two hours and I am pretty sure this means we will own one by next week. ;-) It was a great day and I am sad the week is officially over. We have had so much fun!


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