Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 15 Months, Colin!

Today is Colin's 15 month birthday! We just got home from his well baby visit and the newest stats are:

Weight: 25 lbs, 5 oz (50 - 75 percentile)

Length: 32.5 inches (75 - 90 percentile)

The stats are in the exact same percentiles as the last visit, which is great. Dr. Fricker was very happy to see Colin and was impressed as usual at how happy he is and how very tall he is. He is looking so much more like a little boy than a baby these days. Most everything was good news and standard procedure. Colin still drinks milk from a bottle at naps and bedtime, which I am going to begin weaning him from now. He has molars coming in and one has already hit the surface, which I did not notice until the pedi opened Colin's mouth and showed me. It looks really painful! I also brought up my concern about Colin not talking much yet. Dr. Fricker said they do like to see 4 to 5 words at 15 months and Colin is just not a talker yet. The pedi did not seem worried, but did tell me that the state will send a speech therapist out to the house to evaluate him if we would like. He pointed out that speech tends to happen in large jumps, like going from no words to 5 words in a day or two and that at this point he is not too far behind. It really can't hurt to get him evaluated and if he does need help talking, I certainly want to start sooner than later! We take Colin back for his second flu shot in 4 weeks, so at that point we will make the appointment with the therapist if he is still not talking then. He babbles a lot and the doctor was glad to see that he clearly understands me, just does not talk back. But again, I don't want to put off helping him if he needs it!! We shall see!


Anonymous said...

This was EXACTLY the way Gabby was with speech. She understood everything, babbled a ton, but never made words, or even the same babble associated with the same things. At our 15 mo. appt the doctor said that if by 18 months she was not saying at least 5-10 good words, he would refer us to a speech therapist for testing. I was really anxious about the whole thing. If she was just a late talker, no big deal. But it is nerve wracking when you don't know if it is just that they are late, or if it is that there is a problem. Turned out- RIGHT before she turned 18 months, she out of nowhere just started talking up a storm. And the more words she learned, the more words she learned. If that makes sense. So she was exactly like your pedi said. I know you will probably worry anyway, but at least know that there are definitely cases where they take a long time to talk and end up totally fine!

Chalna said...

That makes me feel a million trillion times better! I am just going to hang in there and wait! I am so glad to hear that Gabby took her time, too!!

The Murrays said...

Hey girl! I'm right there with you on the talking worries. Schafer will squeak out a mama, dada, bock, and moo when he feels like it...but for the most part he just grunts and babbles. He won't really repeat anything we ask him to say (except the 2 animal noises.) I planned on talking to the ped when we have our appointment next week. I've debated the evaluation just to be on the safe side. I KNOW that he isn't really behind yet, and babies all do things at their own pace, yada yada, but if there is anything I need to be doing to help him along I don't want to sit around and lose valuable time that might help him in the long run. Awww...first time's tiring isn't it? Ha. Anyway, Colin is so super cute in that picture...and I bet we won't be able to get either of our boys quiet before too long!

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