Friday, October 17, 2008

Running Man!

The high yesterday was in the 60's!!!! Oh, the glory! After lunch I took Colin to one of the parks in our neighborhood and we will be going back there for sure. This one is completely enclosed by a gate and is not too large. It has a basketball court attached to it, which Colin had an absolute blast running around. He loves a new wide open space more than anything! There was a puddle on the court that he stomped in and plenty of room to run. I love the second picture above...I kept trying to take his picture running and that was the best I could get. It really sums up Colin perfectly. :-) I plan to get a ball this weekend that we can take to kick around. I think he would really like that. The brisk temps forced me into putting socks on with Colin's sandals. Not exactly stylish. The tennis shoes that I bought him at Target don't work. They are too bulky and big and hard to walk in. He needs wide width shoes and I am going to have to take time out this weekend to find some good ones for fall. He needs light weight, sturdy shoes with a sole that actually bends, just like his nice sandals. I think I am headed back to Stride-Rite.


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