Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Back....From Outer Space

As it turns out, I scared the majority of my friends and family with my last post. :-) I did not mean to freak everyone out! I just felt bad that it had been over a week since my last post and I thought I should tell my readers that I was just too busy to blog. Colin started screaming bloody murder as I was typing, so I had to cut it off. I should have elaborated!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with me that some sleep and a live-in nanny could not take care of. ;-)

The majority of the problem is that Colin is not sleeping. When Colin won't nap or go to bed, I don't have a chance to post. I am frankly tired of writing about sleep issues...I feel like I have written about it to the point that it is tedious. I will just leave it with the fact that I am slow to post when we are not sleeping around here.

I took Colin for a haircut today and decided on a whim to try a super short cut. The stylist spiked his hair at the end and he looked like a little man!!!! He looked so extremely grown up that I doubt I will be spiking his hair again in the near future! He is my baby, for heavens sake! :-) Here are some pictures of his awesome big dude hair:

In other news, our pools are open again!! We took Colin this evening for his inaugural 2009 swim and he had a blast. The water was frigid and it was pretty windy, but he still managed to have a blast. Afterwards we stopped for snow cones and a pizza from Papa Murphy's. The snow cones were also the first of the season and SO YUMMY! Colin shared with us and thought they were pretty great. Colin had his bath and washed all the pomade out of his hair and he once again looks like my boy. I like the short cut and think it will be perfect for summer. Check him out in the pictures from the pool...my little fishy! (and no more spikes!)

I am so glad the pools are open again! This gives us something to do that we both love...yea!! Colin has gone through some major changes lately (which I think contribute to his sleep patterns changing). He will no longer allow a bottle to come near him, when a week ago, he was still taking one at night. He talks up a storm now, with probably 50 words exploding over a week. Tonight, for example, Blue's Clue's was going off the air and Colin announced, "BYE BYE, BOOSE KOOSE!" That is not one of the shows we watch normally and it was just on in the background. But Colin said it as clear as day. It was crazy adorable. He says all kinds of things now that amaze me and notices tidbits to point out. If he sees anything that could possibly be used in a kitchen, he yells, "COOK!". If he sees a broom, vacuum, mop, or any cleaning tool, he yells, "CLEAN MESS!" It was so cute today as he was getting his hair cut....hair was falling all around and he starts yelling (loudly!) "OOOOHHHHH, MESSSSSS!!!!". So sweet!
We have also run headlong into the terrible two's. I swear we are going to be forced to stay away from society until this runs it course. It is time for bed, so I will save that part for another post. Let me just say that if your child skipped the terrible part, I don't want to hear it. :-)


The Murrays said...

Wow - I honestly think are posts could be interchangable at times! The favorite word around here is "mess" too...& I'm not going to lie that I was relieved when you mentioned the terrible two's. We are in the middle of them with a VENGEANCE. I think you are absolutely right that when we get those two together we better have helmets in hand!!!

Ummm...and how CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE is Colin with his spiky hair. OMG!!!!! I adore it. I know he looks like less of a baby, but it is so ridiculously adorable that you must do it at least one more time, so I can drool over the pictures. That brown hair, and those dimples, with the spiky hair!!! Ahhhhhh. I just can't stand the cuteness.

Anonymous said...

Glad you cleared up all the mystery...your readers are a paranoid bunch I guess! (Including me).

Love the hair! It looks cute shorter like that. I am with you on the spikes though...it's hard to not want to keep him a baby!

Oh we have had PLENTY of terrible twos around here. I seem to ruin Gabby's life on a daily basis, and she can go from chipper and happy to a puddle of tears in ONE SECOND. Yesterday it was because I refused to put on her thick hoodie and zip it up (she wanted it ON and ZIPPED) when I picked her up from daycare. Because it was 95 degrees and I didn't want her to melt. I offered to tie it around her waist instead, and apparently that was NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ALTERNATIVE. I could barely get her loaded into the car she was such a disaster. Luckily I somehow have zero embarrassment when she falls apart like that, so it hasn't slowed us down yet. But I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the worst of it!

Melibelle said...

outer space... wow how was it?

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