Saturday, June 20, 2009


In the name of good summer fun, we have been eating a lot of snow cones around here. A LOT. In fact, there is a good chance that I am going to regain the weight I have lost if we don't stop ingesting pure sugar water at every turn. I guess I could order a sugar-free one. But really...that seems sad and like something a grown-up would do. Who orders a sugar-free snow cone?! But I digress. :-)

Colin is completely and totally obsessed with these things. We found our favorite place, a stand that is nearby and makes the really super soft snow balls that melt in your mouth. We are connoisseurs and these don't have any icy chunks...just pure soft goodness. They also have a zillion flavors and are located on a country road complete with old benches and gravel pavement. My kind of place!! We started going and Colin was in love at first bite. He now yells out, "MORE CONE!" whenever we get in the car. Jer and I find this to be exceedingly adorable, which is why we keep going back again and again. Well, that and our apparent love of high fructose corn syrup. Colin had been sharing our cones and I got the bright idea yesterday to order him his very own kiddie size. Where I went wrong was ordering watermelon, which was bright red. Colin was covered literally from head to toe in sticky red juice. It was a disaster, but he was beyond pleased. The pictures below are from the more sanitary evening before, when he shared my white coconut. Clear is the only way to go...lesson learned! :-)

Also, snow cones are...wait for it...a huge family tradition. I know, you are so shocked. ;-) I have decided to write a series of posts about our traditions since they are precious stories to me and I want Colin to have them written down to look back on. I am working on the first one, involving snow cones, and should have it ready to post soon. It may all bore you to tears, so I am sorry in advance!


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