Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Wait is Over!

The story unfolded exactly like we knew it would...Jer had been on vacation for a week in anticipation of Meredith going into labor and her water broke the night before he had to be back at work. :-) We got the frantic phone call at 9:15pm Friday night, Mert's water broke and they were rushing to the hospital. My first thought was to run to the car and start driving, but then I remembered that I was the mother of a two year old who was soundly asleep at the time. Oops! I was forced to attempt sleep that night and wait for morning to hit the road. Colin and I had to go alone Saturday morning while Jer worked and we made record time arriving at her hospital room by 11:00am. Just as I knew would be the case, she is STUNNING!! Pryce Lucille Bowler was born at 8lb 4 oz with a full head of jet black hair, just like Jackson and my Colin. We birth big babies with a lot of hair in my family. ;-) Mert looked absolutely beautiful and you would NEVER guess that she just had a baby. I seriously don't know how I am related to her. She is healthy and happy and all is well. Jer made it into town separately by 6pm Sunday night, so he got a chance to see Pryce too. I was so glad he was able to pull off the trip...family events don't seem right for me without him around. We spent three days running back and forth to the hospital with Colin in tow, which went pretty well considering! He had Jackson to play with and they have certainly gotten louder and more "WWF" style in their play, which does not make for a peaceful hospital room. HA! Cory is so in love with his new little girl and it was so much fun to watch Pryce turn immediately into "Daddy's Girl". The whole weekend was a dream! We all drove home today. Jer goes back to work in the morning and I am going to attempt to get Colin back on a bit of a schedule...we are having major nap trouble at the moment, but I will save that for another post. It is a life changing moment watching your baby sister have her own baby...I love them all so much. I can't wait to get back!!

Colin is in love with Pryce. In fact, he has taken his love for babies to a new level with this one! The overriding thing that I will take away from this weekend is what an incredibly sweet little boy I have. All he could talk about was "Baby Pryce" and every time he saw someone holding her, he climbed over that person to lay his head on her. "Hug Pryce, Mama!" was frequently yelled to me. He counted toes, patted her hair, tried to pat her face, and best of all, he would wrap his arms around her as best he could and lay his head on hers. It was the sweetest thing I have even seen in my life. As we were leaving today, he went into meltdown mode while the whole family tried to take him away from the baby to get him in the car. Once we got on the road, he chanted, "GO SEE BABY PRYCE, MAMA!" at random moments for the whole drive. He is such a blessing in my life and I was reminded of it yet again today...to have a son so special and loving is a gift beyond all gifts!

So the weekend was perfect, the baby is BEYOND perfect and all is well with the world. I will post pictures here as soon as I get them onto this computer! Also, take a moment to check out my brother-in-law Cory's new blog...I added him to my blog roll at the bottom right of the page. He is so hysterical and it will be so much fun to read all about life with my crazy...er...awesome sister Mert and my wonderful niece and nephew. Take a look! :-)


PBMelibelle said...

isn't it the coolest holding your niece! Your post REALLY made me miss Reese :(

Cory Bowler said...

Hey Sis-
We were so happy to have you guys here with us as Pryce for Pryce's BIG arrival. Colin did great and Mert is always so excited to see you. I'm glad Jeremy could make the trek as well. Thanks for pimping my blog to your readers. A little promotion never hurts and Melissa has all ready stopped by. I love it! As you know your blog was the inspiration for mine, so thanks again. Hope to see you guys soon.

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