Friday, September 25, 2009

365 Days Later...

It is really a coincidence that I even noticed this, but I unknowingly took pictures of Colin in the same park almost exactly one year apart...literally off by only a couple of days. I was saving this week's park pictures into the "September 2009" folder and saw the "September 2008" folder and took a peek. Sure enough...there are pictures of Jer and Colin walking around in the exact same place last year. I was delighted to notice this and had the best time looking at the pictures side by side. It is amazing how much Colin has changed in a year...I thought he was such a big boy last fall, but he looks like a baby in comparison to the little boy I see staring back at me in the recent shot. He is so much taller and slimmer, his cheeks are no longer so puffy and his stance is that of a boy, not a baby. Last year at this time, I was beside myself over the fact that Colin was completely mobile and running around without falling down. Now he spends his park visits digging for snails with his daddy, throwing rocks in the stream, and telling me that he sees birds or likes the scooters and bicycles he sees the kids riding. It makes me smile to think that I can't even imagine him next year at this time...probably wearing big boy underwear and riding his own scooter. I find myself trying to memorize him so that I won't forget each of these little stages. I love him SO.

Late September 2008:

Late September 2009:

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