Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Super Giant October Update Post!!

There has been SO much going on for the past couple of weeks and I am behind in posting! We have been keeping very busy in our little household and I can't believe that Halloween is this weekend! Let me back track and try to update what has been going on.

*I took Colin to the State Fair of Texas a couple of weeks ago and we had an absolute blast! Alieson went with us and we made a whole morning out of it...we had been trying to go for several days, but it basically won't stop raining this month and we could never seem to get our scheduled lined up with a sunny day. We finally made it work on an overcast Thursday morning before Texas/OU weekend. We just made it before the end of the fair and I am so glad we did! We all ate corn dogs (I might have eaten two), shared a funnel cake and fried snickers bar, and finished things off with a fresh cherry limeade. The best time by far was the Little Hands Farm. There was an adorable children's play farm set up where the kids "worked" each little section of the farm and received something for their efforts. For instance, when you "fed" the chickens, you picked an egg and put it in your basket. Colin went through the entire farm and participated in each section perfectly! He milked a cow, planted seeds, tended the sheep and the whole nine yards. After he collected all of his items in his basket, he "sold" them to the store and was given a pretend dollar to buy a snack with from the general store on the way out. I was blown away that he carefully sold each item from his basket to the store...I was certain that he would not understand that he had to give away all the things he had loaded into that basket!! I was totally wrong and he was thrilled when they handed him his own money at the end. He picked out a little pack of fruit snacks and paid the girl his paper dollar at the register! It was honestly one of the most precious thing I have ever seen!! It is a memory that I will take with me forever. He also adored the petting zoo and fed every animal under the sun. I have never seen him have so much fun and I am really glad that we braved the elements and nap issues in order to attend. We will be back next year for sure! Here are some of the pictures:
Colin and Mommy feeding the cows...Colin LOVED this!
Colin picked out his hard earned snack for working the Little Hands Farm. SO CUTE!

Carefully carrying his basket of goods to the general store.

Feeding the chickens.

Colin and Alieson stand with Big Tex!

Mommy and Colin also get a shot with the icon!

*We took Colin to his second pumpkin patch visit of the season with not the best results. First of all, the Flower Mound pumpkin patch is just too crazy busy. We tried to go on a Sunday and that was a bad idea! It was total madness. Pumpkins were strewn about and the crowds were gigantic. Colin is not a fan of chaos like that and tends to quickly shut down when he feels overwhelmed, which he did. It was mere moments before he started chanting, "Mommy, go home!". This quickly changed to "Mommy, go Pop Pop's house!"...Jer's parents were with us and Colin figured it would be more fun just to go over there. :-) It was so busy that I was not even able to get a single picture of Colin standing by the cut-out characters, which is what I was after. I was dying for some cute matching pictures from last year to show how much he has grown, but that plan was not to be. We ended up at brunch, had a great meal and spent the afternoon playing with Mom Mom and Pop Pop's dogs, so Colin was happy none-the-less! Next year, we go on a weekday! MUCH better on a weekday!

Not exactly pleased with the crowd, but glad to push a huge pumpkin around. :-)
Stacking pumpkins with Mom Mom

Pouty face cuteness! :-)

*We attended a fantastic Halloween party with a big group of our friends on Saturday and had a great time. It was a party for the little ones and they all had a blast. Colin wore his skeleton shirt and I am just hoping he lets me dress him in his Spiderman costume for Halloween. Fingers crossed! :-) It was the perfect afternoon; good friends, lots of yummy food, tons of well behaved two year olds having fun...wonderful! I still can't believe how great they all were...there were zero meltdowns and Colin had a great time. We had to literally drag him out the door at the end. All of my friends have a second child or one on the way, so Colin was thrilled as usual to have babies to love on. I would never have imagined his reaction to babies...he loves them SO much. All the other two year olds were chasing each other around the yard and Colin spent a good deal of time helping the infants in the bouncer seats and kissing their heads. He is such a gentle little soul! Maybe he is destined to be a pediatrician one day and I will have to tell this story to embarrass him. :-) Regardless, it was a perfect evening and it reminded me that I am VERY blessed to share my life with such amazing friends!!
Lots of boys playing on the train table. Almost all of my friends have two year old boys...so cute!!

Extreme love for Halloween cupcakes!

Colin giving Pierce a big kiss!

*Last, but certainly not least, we all attended the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show on Sunday! Jer's parents met us here and we drove over together at about 1:30pm. I love love LOVE the air show...aviation is just simply part of me! There was non-stop entertainment and things were going fairly well until some of the fighter jets got rolling. Colin was petrified and basically attached himself to me while crying sadly. It never even crossed my mind that the noise would be a factor, but oh man, was it ever! Like a complete lunatic, I left the diaper bag in the garage without putting it in the car, where it might have been of some use! I had no snack, no juice, no emergency pacifier, no diapers, no wallet...nada. It is a good thing that Jer brought his stuff and was able to buy us snacks and drinks and get us set up in our lawn chairs. Things perked up...we found our friends and we all watched The Blue Angel's together, which is what I was DYING to see!! They were more amazing than I ever could have imagined! The weather was brilliant and I am so glad we went. Colin does not seem too worse for wear from the whole experience, although he does remind me several times a day that "Blue Angels TOO LOUD, Mommy!". Oops! :-) It really was a GREAT day!
Nathan, Kim and little man Hayden standing with Jer and Colin. We were all watching the Blue Angels.
Colin and Ryan share some Kettle Corn...this made them both VERY happy!

Mommy trying to get a picture with one unhappy little man! Too loud! :-)

Daddy and Colin check out the show....this was Colin's favorite part!

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