Friday, January 29, 2010

Colin's Clubhouse

As it turns out, the best thing that you can do for a stir crazy toddler stuck in the house during a freezing rain storm is throw a sheet over the furniture and call it a fort. ;-) The weather here is all gloom and I am running at just about zero motivation at the moment. I was getting geared up to make homemade play dough for Colin thanks to a recipe from Kimberly, but I don't have cream of tartar and simply could not bring myself to bundle Colin up for a trip to the store in this weather. After trying everything entertaining under the sun, I finally tossed a giant sheet over the entertainment center and Colin thought it was the best thing EVER. He now has all of his trains and cars piled in that little corner "fort" and at the moment is trying to convince Enzo and Ferris to stay in there with him. Thank goodness for the little things!!

I have been doing lots of research lately and I believe that Colin will be starting a one day a week preschool class in the fall. There is a church just down the road from us that offers a wonderful preschool program with the option to attend on Mondays only from 9-2. This will be perfect for Colin...he will have just turned 3 and I think the experience will be crucial for him. He will have the chance to learn, play and socialize with other children, not to mention learn to listen to a teacher and not have me around. They run with the local school calendar and registration for next year is in a month! It is a good thing that I started looking early! We would have absolutely missed out on signing up. I am excited to think about Colin starting preschool, even just once a week. That sounds like such a big boy thing to do! :-)

Here is Colin coming out of his awesome fort. Yes, there is a giant train table where my coffee table used to be. Yes, my house is a huge playroom. ;-)

Inviting me into his clubhouse.

Look at this fine craftsmanship. hehehehe!


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