Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Tuesday Updates

The following are exciting tidbits from our world. I use "exciting" in the loosest, most un-exciting sense of the word.

*I managed to get Colin in actual clothes before 8:00am this morning. I have a new tactic. I have his clothes ready to put on for his original diaper change when he wakes up. This is the one time he is not fighting me, so it is the perfect time to trick him into getting dressed. Normally, he could have breakfast in pj's, but this new way works much better. Granted, he is dressed for the day long before his mother is, but whatever. :-)

*I purchased a fluffy mattress topper for Colin's super firm and not very comfortable bed. I put it on with his new sheets and it is AWESOME. His bed is now more comfortable than mine. Jer does not like to sleep on anything super soft, so he would never go for such a big fluffy mattress. I tried a featherbed when we first got married and Jer hated it. Once we got our king sized bed, the featherbed was history. This morning I tried to get Colin to stay in bed with me so that I could snuggle in his new cloud bed. He said no.

*We went to the library today and Colin was his normal revved up self. He ran in the door and rocketed right up to the girls at the front desk and yelled as loud as he could, "We have to be QUIET at the library!!!". Everyone was cracking up. He went over to pick out a new movie and went through almost every single one, giving me commentary on his choices. "No, not the Thomas movie. I don't want to watch Percy" and "What's that movie? Garfield? No, I don't think so". As we were leaving, the girl checking us out complemented his dimples. His response was to launch into his loudest rendition of the Bob the Builder theme song.

*The Bachelor season premiere was last night and I had a wonderful evening watching with my friends. Kimberly's mom hosted at her house and it was totally kid-free. WONDERFUL. We ate and drank and laughed so hard that we nearly passed out. I heard absolutely none of the show, with the exception of our commentary on how each girl was horribly disfigured or a complete halfwit. It was hysterical. I love my friends. :-)

*Jer requested some "Mediterranean" style food, so we are having tuna nicoise bread salad for dinner. One of the main ingredients is grape tomatoes, which Colin is currently eating while watching Olivia. It looks like there will be four tomatoes (maybe) in the whole meal.

*Lastly, I leave you with the member of our family getting the most enjoyment out of Colin's new bedding. Ferris Mewler has been sitting in that spot for the last 9 hours. (that is his happy face)


Anonymous said...

I LIKE exciting tidbits!

I need a new get-dressed tactic for Gabby. Because unless I am putting her in a princess t-shirt or her Hello Kitty sweater, there's gonna be drama.

I am ALL for fluffy beds...I like to feel like I am nestled in clouds :)

Apparently Paradise Pond has a karaoke machine you can use during parties. Colin might have to do a number for us!

Ferris Mewler still cracks me up.

How did the bread salad turn out?

The Murrays said...

Your funniest post ever. I'm bookmarking it so I can come back and read it whenever I need to be reminded that I am SO not alone in the world.


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