Thursday, May 6, 2010

One BIG Week!!

I think I take too many pictures. Is that possible? In the above shot, Colin is eating Thai food, which he is obsessed with (as he is all Asian cuisine). It was just SO cute to see him eating Pad Thai that I just had to take a picture. In the long LONG ago days of my own youth, there were no digital cameras. Can you believe that, Colin? NO. DIGITAL. CAMERAS. We had to buy film, take pictures without being able to immediately see if you look fat in them, and then develop them. At a STORE. Insanity. It hurts my head when I think about all the things that Colin won't believe that I experienced. I can hear it now..."You had a CD player??" Anyway, it hit me today that the invention of the digital camera may very well mean that Colin will have 950,000 pictures of his life. Before he turns 18. How on earth am I going to pick which ones to use in the slide show at his wedding? ;-)

It has been a busy week around here and I have been loving every minute of it. On Friday morning after my birthday, I packed up Colin and headed into Tyler for the weekend. I was planning on attending Mert and Cory's Kentucky Derby party and doing a little family birthday celebrating. Jer was tied up with work, so it was just the two of us. Mert's party was so much fun (and not just because she had a giant batch of the best sangria ever) and Colin was in heaven hanging out at Mimi and Duke's house. Watching him run and play all over the home that I grew up in never ceases to be wonderful for me. He played endlessly in the long driveway (which was always my favorite thing, too) and proceeded to eat every single one of Duke's blueberries (which is becoming a tradition on it's own). We headed home on Sunday because Jer was home from work, but we stopped to eat in Edom with my parents on our way out. Even though we eat there on virtually every trip, I can't help myself from taking pictures of Colin on the giant country front porches each time. It just speaks of East Texas and that speaks of my own heart and soul. I love my home! I hope that Colin grows up loving it as much as I do.

After lunch we had to get on the road and Colin went bananas. He was beside himself that we were not going back to my parents house and he began screaming crying to go back. I thought he would settle down when we drove away, but he was beside himself. He cried himself to sleep, passed out just before Canton, and then slept the whole way home. Almost two hours! I felt horrible that he was so upset, but the two silent hours in the car without listening to "All About Firetrucks" endlessly was nice. :-) On Monday night we got to have dinner and ice cream with Jer's parents and Colin was pretty excited that he got to see most of his favorite people in the span of a few days. This boy LOVES his grandparents!

On Tuesday, we met Eren, Brooke and Jack over at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens for a picnic and it was an absolutely stunning day for it. We got there first and when Jack rounded the corner, Colin began waving and yelling, "HI JACK!!" He looked at me and said, "Mommy, Jack is my best friend!"...melt my heart! He loves all his friends and I feel blessed beyond measure that he has a group of people that he feels so happy around. Colin and Jack spent a good portion of the time moving rocks from one side of the fish pond to the other, which was probably not the best idea, but they looked SO cute doing it. We played at the attached park before Eren had to head home for baby nap time. It was a great afternoon.

Whew, this post is a long one! On to yesterday...the Denton Music on the Square concert series started up!! They play music on the lawn of the courthouse every Wednesday and Thursday evening in May and June and it was one of the highlights of my year last year. It is the most idyllic setting with all the families spread out in lawn chairs and on picnic blankets, hanging out and listening to music together. Yesterday was such a treat! The boys are all so much bigger this year, so we did not have to do nearly as much chasing around this time. We were there with Kim, Barb, Tanya and all the kiddos. Colin, Greyson and Hayden were having a grand time chasing each other, sword fighting with sticks (lord help us) and Colin was happy as can be to love on his precious baby Pierce. It was just as wonderful as last year, if not more so, and I am thrilled to soak up the fun for the next two months!

Here is Colin at Beth Marie's...the ice cream shop on the square. It is the CUTEST old-fashioned place in the world and he was thrilled to be there.

Colin, Kim and Hayden...two of his favorite people in the world (as you may have noticed)

My sweet boy! It was such a beautiful day!!

Hayden and Colin running around like crazy! Greyson was right behind, but I could not get all three of them in a single shot to save my life!

Loving Pierce, of course! He is such a good "big friend" to all these sweet babies!

Finally, last but not least, we have my birthday party last night! My wonderful friends got together for a girls night out in my honor and we went to Lava 10 in Grapevine. We shared drinks, dinner and a lot of laughter! They called it my "21st" birthday, complete with candles. It was hysterical! Kim even got me an AWESOME Jacob "Twilight" shirt that utterly horrified Jer. He says I can't wear it to bed ever. HAA!! I love these girls and even though the restaurant service was horrible, I had the best night. We had some seriously fantastic french martinis that were so good, I am thinking about going out to get all the stuff to make them with!

Here we are in our now "signature" pose. Ah, I love these girls! Lindsey, Tanya, Shelly, Kimberly, Hannah and Eren. SO much fun!

Did you read ALL of that! I really need to post more often! GOOD GRIEF, that was long! :-)
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