Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Love Aunt Victoria!

I have had yet another delay in posting, but for good reason! We have been very busy and having a blast with Jer's sister Victoria and her boyfriend Josh. They live in NJ, but Josh has an aunt who lives close to us. He was asked to deliver a car to her, so he and Victoria decided to make it a giant rode trip and visit with us! Colin was absolutely over the moon about the whole thing. It made leaving PA a little easier because he knew she was coming to visit the next week. They made great time driving across the country and made it here last Saturday afternoon. They just left today and we already miss them so much. I can't express in words how amazing they are with Colin. He absolutely adores them! Josh is a giant guy...I am guessing 6'3 or 6'5...and Colin climbed all over him like a jungle gym the whole time, thus starting the nickname of "jungle josh". ;-) Victoria is so sweet and loving and clearly in love with Colin, which brings me so much joy. I love knowing that Colin has so many people in his life that cherish him. It was such a wonderful few days watching Colin basking in their attention. He made Josh play trains with him about a hundred times and yelled for "Aunt Victorweeya" to come check out his "cool firetrucks" about every 5 minutes. He has told me a zillion times today that he wants them to come back to our house. When we got in the car this afternoon, he pointed at the empty seats beside his carseat and announced, "Those seats are for Josh and Victoria!". Then at dinner, he insisted that we call Victoria so that he could "tell her I am eating!" broke my heart a little! Colin is such a loving little boy and once he decides he likes you, he wants you around all the time.

We spent the week eating a ton of mexican food, BBQ and going to Babe's (of course!). On Sunday night, we took them to Jer's office and we all went in for a sim demo. These flight simulators are $20 million machines, so needless to say, I have not been quick to take Colin for a ride in one. ;-) I was nervous beforehand that he would not like the experience and want to get out when we took off, but of course, I was wrong. Colin is a born pilot, just like his daddy! Once Jer had us in the air, he handed the reins over to Colin and it was hysterical to watch. That kid was IN CHARGE! He sat so calmly holding the yoke and every now and then he would move one hand to turn a switch here and he really knew what he was doing. He was not freaked out at all with the real flying aspect and Victoria and I were sitting in the back of the sim just melting over how adorable it was. The only bad news is that Colin knows exactly what Jer does at work everyday and now begs to go with him. Oops! I have a feeling that Colin will learn how to fly long before he has a drivers license.

On Monday, we took a tour of the brand spanking new Cowboys Stadium and let me tell did NOT disappoint!! I have been a fan since, well....birth! I can remember watching games with my Daddy and thinking that Tom Landry was the coolest guy ever. I have loved them in good times and in bad! ;-) I admit that I got a little teary on the morning they knocked down Texas Stadium...I have so many childhood memories around that place and not seeing it anymore as I drive past the spot, that is hard. The first thing I saw when I walked up to the new stadium was a giant statue of Tom Landry, which I immediately made Colin pose with. It is probably my favorite shot of the whole day. THAT is Texas to me!
The only drawback to the week was the giant case of bronchitis that kept me coughing all night every night. I am finally back to normal, but the house sure does feel empty now. We have had a charmed few weeks with family and now we are getting back into the swing of normal life. There are lots of play dates, swimming and birthday parties around the corner, so summer is absolutely in high gear. Now if only it weren't already so freaking hot!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Assorted Videos From Cowboys Stadium!!

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