Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Update

It is 1,000 degrees outside. Really. Colin and I have been keeping very busy, swimming and playing with friends virtually every day during the week. It seems as though I looked up and July was staring down at me out of nowhere. My sweet Colin is getting very close to his third birthday and it just blows my mind. Party preparations are in full swing! After much deliberation, we decided to host a small party at our absolute favorite city water park, the rainforest that I have mentioned in past posts. We are going to have it on his actual birthday! The invitations to all his best buddies have been sent out and we are getting all set for a fun afternoon of swimming and food with family and friends. In a nod to how old he is truly getting, Colin picked out his own birthday theme and is very strict about it: Firetruck and Policeman Birthday Party, thank you very much. As it turns out, there is no "police" themed stuff for sale anywhere! I think that the only way I will be able to tie that into the party is to purchase some blue and silver balloons and hopefully find someone to make a cake with both a firetruck and police car on it. I am going to make the rounds next week in an attempt to get that done. Colin has also taken to asking for every single toy he sees a commercial for (Mommy, can I have that for my birthday?) and telling strangers in the grocery store about his party theme. Three of his best friends also have birthdays around his, so this is the month of celebrations, to be sure. It helps to make Colin even more excited, because it seems there is unlimited birthday joy in this four week period!

We have been spending lots of time with Dana and Gabby lately because Dana is out of school and able to be a stay-at-home mom like me, at least for a few weeks! :-) Colin loves Gabby, and I mean loves her. I thought Dana and I were going to pass out at lunch yesterday...because of the random rainy day, we switched our pool plans and had lunch at Corner Bakery. Colin and Gabby picked out a booth and sat side by side while we ordered. Once I got back to the table, I tried to move Colin to sit by me, but he flat refused with a loud "I AM SITTING BY GABBY!". Well, okay! Dana and I sat together and laughed at those two for the entire lunch. Colin could not get close enough to Gabby, which was hysterical. He also did his typical move of standing up in the booth, at which point Gabby ordered him to "sit down!". Colin listened to her, but sat down BEHIND her in the booth, with both legs on either side of her! In return, Gabby FED him! Oh my lord have was beyond the cutest thing EVER. At one point, Gabby informed us that she was "Gabby Shaffer" and married to Colin. It was almost too much to handle. They are so much fun to watch! Colin is such a boy and never stops moving or doing what he is not supposed to and Gabby is a total girl and always calm. I was trying to get Colin to leave Barnes and Noble for lunch and he was not listening. I was just about to grab him and yank him out when Gabby demanded, "Colin! Let's GO!" and he stopped what he was doing and followed her!!! I really think they could have their own sitcom. ;-)

I have also quietly started working on losing some weight, which is going really well. I am down 10 lbs, which feels amazing. I had put on quite a bit of weight over the winter and was feeling pretty lousy about it. Even though 10 lbs is just a start, I am back into my clothes from last summer (which were too tight before) and just feeling lighter and better. I am currently on hiatus from my usual food blogs and shows and enjoying reading about new healthy recipes instead. My doctor is working with me this time, and the program is suiting me very well.

We have a lot going on in the next several days: lots of scheduled playdates, two 4th of July BBQ's, a trip to Tyler for my nephew Jackson's birthday party, and our 7th anniversary, just to name a few! I am very happy to be so busy with all of our wonderful friends and family! Summer is going great!

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