Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Little Trouper

*I just realized that I never published this post, despite the fact that I wrote it 10 days ago. So here it is!

Oh, hello October 10th! You certainly came out of nowhere! Once again, I am totally and utterly behind on my blog. I swore, SWORE, to myself that I would not post less than once a week at the absolute minimum...and here we are like 3 weeks later. I hate my "recap" style posts. I am going to be a better poster in 2011. New Years Resolution, baby! :-)

Let's talk preschool! Colin is doing AMAZING. It took exactly one month, but a couple of weeks ago, he turned the corner and started walking into his classroom on his own. Without crying. I felt like (and continue to feel like) a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and sunshine and joy rained down around me. Now, things are not perfect...he still tells me that he doesn't like school and still has a very hard time getting dressed and actually leaving the house. However, he adores Miss Gina and Miss Kelli and talks about them like they are saints. God knew what I needed this year and he truly blessed us with those teachers. When Colin sees them, the tears go away and he literally runs into their arms. After 5 weeks of twice weekly classes, Colin still has not gotten a bad report. Every day that I pick him up, they tell me how wonderful he was and what a joy he is to be around. I feel happy in the depths of my soul over this! Colin is working on learning that he can miss me and have fun at the same time. You can literally see him battling with this concept. He still does not like to share details with me about his days at school and the information that I do get, such as talk of his "best friend Clark" and the songs he sings, come at random times when I am not asking about it. He seems to think it is important that I know how sad it makes him to leave me and that sharing happy stories about school will somehow diminish that. He is only 3, but his thought processes sometimes make me think he is 40. :-) The bottom line is that Colin is making such amazing progress and I am thrilled beyond measure about it!
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