Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Annual PJ Playdate

So our playdates have been going strong for years now and the annual Christmas version is getting cuter, louder and bigger as time goes on. The babies are not babies anymore and now the overall din of a huge group of 4 year old boys and their not-so-little siblings is like a dull roar. But it is still wonderful. Eren hosted it again this year and added a book exchange to the fun. All the moms brought delicious treats and most of us even wore our own pajamas, which was awesome.  I continue to be extremely grateful for finding these women and their children at exactly the time in my life when I would need them most.  Sometimes the fact that Colin is an only child can hurt me a little bit more during this season because I remember the joy that my sisters and I shared together growing up.  But having all of these fun things to do with our best friends certainly lessens the pain because Colin and these kiddos have grown up together and are exceptionally close.  He gets to share these moments with his de facto brothers and sisters and it is so much fun to watch!  We have the most wonderful kids!
Trevor (I think...could be indentical twin Elliot!), Colin, Anders and Ryan picking out their books!
Look at all these cutie pies!
Lots of cute boys!  I love Colin's moose pajamas!
The kids that we actually managed to get in a picture together.  :-)


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