Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Picture of 2011

The Last Picture of 2011

There are no words for how much I LOVE that a tradition started in 2008 is still going strong!  Tonight we celebrated New Years Eve with our usual Shaffer family celebration of delicious food and then I made the boys take our last picture.  Colin had SO much fun with it this year and I really don't know how we will ever top the above shot.  :-)  I have so many posts that are in production right now and I have certainly learned my lesson about procrastinating when it comes to the blog during Christmas.  There will be lots of December posts published over the next day or so, but I wanted to post our official last picture right on time.  I am beyond happy that we started doing this and I love the collection that I am gathering!  I am so blessed!  Here are the rest of the shots...Colin took some of his parents and we had LOTS of hysterical outtakes.  Colin was having so much fun that he wanted to set the timer and take shots all night...Jer finally gave up, which accounts for the lovely one of me and the peanut.  Have I mentioned how much I adore this boy?  :-)  Goodbye, 2011!   
Mom and Dad looking stunning!  ;-)
The first try and I LOVE Colin in this!  Too blurry to be "official"...
The attempt to get Enzo in the shot

Loves the camera...don't know where he gets that!  ;-)
I super love this one, too!  We had so much fun!
The Last Picture of Two Fruitcakes, 2011
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas, Ya'll!

FINALLY! CHRISTMAS! THE BIG DAY! HERE! Let me tell you, we had the most fantastic, blessed, amazing and wonderful Christmas possible! Colin woke up at about 6:30am and then went back to sleep when I got in bed with him! I still can't believe it! He woke up and called for me, but was clearly not totally awake and didn't realize what day it actually was yet. ;-) He fell right back to sleep when I got in bed and we slept until almost 8am!! WOW!! That was my Christmas present right there! When he woke up the second time, he jumped up and was beside himself to check out the spread.  He is such a special little boy.  Have I mentioned that lately?  Where most children (me included!) would run out and begin tearing into everything, Colin was very slow and thoughtful.  He carefully checked out all the wrapped presents and then would slowly decide which one he wanted to open.  He immediately asked us to save all the ribbons!  GOOD GRACIOUS!  I almost cried over that one, it was so cute.  My grandmother used to do that, so it was adorable and hilarious at the same time.  ;-)  He made sure that each and every bow was accounted for as he opened all the presents.  He loved the trampoline from Santa and was especially excited that Santa remembered his Cabela's truck and red vacuum.  He got two big Lego kits from us and literally jumped into our arms to say thank you when he saw them.  That just made my year.  Colin was so leisurely that it took quite awhile to open everything!  Once he finished, he and Jer immediately started putting things together while I got breakfast underway.  (We kept our pajamas on all day, I might add)  I used like 12 eggs to make our stuff and tried to put them all down the garbage disposal at once, which apparently is too many.  LOL!  Jer ended up under the sink to fix the back-up and it was so funny!  He is such a wonderful husband...first because he knows how to fix everything and second because he never gets upset and always takes me doing ridiculous things in stride!  I feel so lucky to have a husband that treats me so wonderfully!  He is a keeper, that one!  :-) 

Jer's parents came over soon after I got breakfast out of the oven and that was such a GIANT treat!  We have never gotten to see them on Christmas day (since we moved back to Texas) and I loved having everyone over, relaxing and eating and playing!  What a perfect morning!  I just can't say enough...we are so very blessed!!

Checking out the spread for the first time!
Look at that sweet boy showing off his loot!
The vacuum!  Yea!
Cabela's Truck! Thank goodness!
He was SO excited!

Glowy Christmas Morning...and an Easy Bake Oven!
Lucky Boy!

Making "Wuggle Pets" with Mom Mom!
Pop Pop carefully reading the Wuggle Pet Instructions!  ;-)
PERFECT Christmas Morning!
My AMAZING husband under the sink...with antlers.  I LOVE HIM.
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