Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Week

Evidence that Colin is brilliant.
The above picture is disgusting not exactly attractive, I know.  Yes, that is a bath rug and yes, that is playdough stuck to it in various locations.  But that is beside the point (if you are able to pretend you don't see the playdough).  We usually eat dinner while sitting at the kitchen counter, where I have bar stools arranged for seating.  Colin has never been comfortable sitting in the stools and recently he began pulling up toy bins and ottomans in order to reach the counter and stand up to eat.  He actually eats much better if he can stand, so I haven't minded the switch...with the small exception of how easily he can slip off his makeshift step stools.  None of them are designed to hold his weight and our ottoman even has wheels!  I told him that I would be on the lookout for a more acceptable solution and saw this little cheapo stool at Hobby Lobby yesterday for the lofty price of $4.99.  I gave it a shot and Colin quickly pointed out to me that he didn't feel safe and that it was "too slippery".  We stuck the stool in his playroom and went about our business.  When I called Colin to the table tonight, he headed for his bathroom.  I wasn't paying much attention as I was plating food and when I went to serve Colin, he was standing there with a huge grin on his face.  I looked down to see the giant bathmat with his stool on top.  He said, "Look, Mom!  It won't slip at all anymore!  We can just use it this way."  I do not have a CLUE how he thought of this on his own.  He must have noticed that the stool was more stable on the carpet in his playroom and then decided to try out the bath rug variation.  All I know is that we never said a word about it and he figured it out on his own.  Hence the ultra classy picture.  I love Colin.   Here are more lovely shots from our week:

Colin and his kitties

Colin on top of his "mountain".  The view from the top is always best.

DJ Jazzy Colin
This week has been all about Pinterest - I am on one of my kicks again.  I have so many projects that I want to take on and I knocked out this easy one first.  I made custom dry erase boards for the kitchen using two cheap frames and some scrapbook paper.  It's awesome!  I have to write myself big visual notes constantly and I usually use a sheet of note paper and stick it on the counter where I can see it.  I have come close to hanging dry erase boards in the past, but they are so ugly and my kitchen is right in the middle of things.  This is already working perfectly!  The frames just happened to fit nicely under our family picture and I think they look super cute.  It will be fun to switch the paper our for holidays!  I think they are a bit plain as of yet, but now that I see them hanging, I am planning to add some cute lettering inside the frame.  Stay tuned!  It's an easy start - I have a bunch of cool projects planned for the playroom that are going to be much more work, but I am excited to hone some new skills.  I am even planning to tackle some sewing - like with a machine - but I am nervous about it.  I have never considered myself crafty in the least bit.  The only exception would be my odd ability to write pretty letters, but I don't think that counts.  I have talked myself into giving this crafty thing a try because 1) my mom is excellent at making her own awesome decorations and 2) I never thought I would be a good cook and now it is my passion.  So I suppose even an old dog can learn some new tricks.  :-)
Chalna actually crafts. 



TanyatheMom said...

Colin is BRILLIANT! I don't even think I would have thought of that. Love the craft project. Now I just need a place to hang it in the kitchen :-).

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