Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Post that Almost Was

I wrote a LONG post about the first weekend in December. A LONG POST. A beautifully written, carefully spell-checked masterpiece about the start of the Christmas season. My parents came and spent several amazing days with us, my mom and I shopped ourselves silly and I even got to turn into Cinderella and get all dressed up for a fancy party.  I spent a couple of hours writing all about it.  And then I deleted the whole damn thing.  I was SO mad.  So angry, in fact, that I didn't write at all over the next three weeks.  I am admittedly a bit of a weirdo when it comes to my writing.  Pouring out my heart and soul only to have it disappear with the click of a mouse did something to my brain.  I just could not bring myself to start over on that post and then I didn't want to write anything.  I can be a 3 year old like that.  :-)  So now, I am going back in and finishing all of these stories about the last few weeks because it was AH-MAZING.  We had the PERFECT Christmas season!  And it all started with this party on the first Saturday in December.  But I refuse to re-write my post.  So just trust me, it was great.  The rest of the posts are going to be back dated because I started them all, but didn't finish them.
Our friend Bryan invited us to his parents big Christmas shindig and it was an absolute blast!  We attended it with the Turners and Roberts and we gave those parents a run for their money!  Bryan and Eren are two of our very best friends and their parents are so wonderful.  We have gotten to know them all pretty well and even more so after we drank the better part of their collection of wine.  ;-)  It was a fantastic night and I really did feel like a princess to be all dressed up like that.  It is very rare and I won't forget that night any time soon! 
Happy Bejeweled Mama
I still can't believe I got to wear this out!
Colin LOVES it when we leave.  Can't you tell?
We clean up good!  I love Jer's tie...I wonder who picked it out?  ;-)
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