Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now THAT is a BELLY - One Year Ago....

These are some of the pictures from the last photo shoot of the belly that I wrote about earlier this week. These are the last shots of me pregnant with Colin, taken the night before he was born. One year ago, I looked like THAT! :-) I wish now that I had taken more pictures and video when I was pregnant...time seemed to get away from me and I had that feeling like I would always be pregnant and there was no rush to take pics. How silly I was. I would love to have more belly pics like these to look back on...this is actually the only time I took pictures of my bare belly. I am so glad that I thought to do it that night. You can tell from my rosy cheeks that I was excited beyond words to meet Colin the next morning. And I was huge. REALLY HUGE. No wonder people stared at me like a side show at the end. These are the least scary of the pics...I have some that literally take my breath away at how big I truly was...these angles are at least okay. I did not want to scare everyone off my blog...there was almost a 9 lb baby in there, after all. ;-)


Anonymous said...

GOOD LORD! That is my making my lower back hurt just looking at these photos. At least it was round though. I looked deformed! I had Carson above my belly button and he was much bigger, and Kate below who was much smaller. So I looked all kinds of weird!

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